• Larisa set

    Larisa set

    Provocative, sexy set for home design apron. Chemis very nicely exposes breast and belly...

    27.03 € (-13%)

    23.34 €

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  • Please Me V-5258 thong

    Please Me Sexy thong V-5258 made ​​from very delicate tulle elegantly envelop the body. The front decoration in the form of a small black satin bows and frivolous cut eye-catching. At the rear triangle exposing spicy ass.

    16.95 €

  • G-string 2413

    Original and very sexy thong made of gumeczek and floral applications on the front. Thongs have a bold slit. Pink-black

    13.51 €

  • Charm Me V-5288 thong

    Charm Me Sexy thong V - 5288 in white color with delicate front beautifully crafted elegant design siateczkowym . Back sewn in elastic strips that are very bold and sexy ass exhibit .

    24.32 €

  • Touch Me V-5278 thong

    Touch Me Sexy thong V-5278 in front of beautifully crafted elegant design. Back sewn in elastic strips that are very bold and sensual expose bottom.

    20.88 €

  • Pansy V-5098 thong

    Pansy thong V-5098 from the collection of Axami In Bloom. Made with lace, the sides are thin strips.

    24.32 €

  • Lily V-5018 thong

    Elegant Lily Thong Axami V-5018. On the sides sewn with transparent tulle and decorated with black embroidery. The front decorated with a black satin bow. Back classical smooth.

    29.24 €

  • Lily V-5008 thong

    Elegant thong Lily V-5008 from the collection of Axami. Strings are made ​​from transparent tulle decorated with black zalotnymi motives.

    29.24 €

  • Treasure Me V-5378 thong

    Sexy thong Treasure Me V 5378. Front sewn with a combination of pink and black lace tiulu.Po sides decorated with black satin bows. Sides made ​​from double paseczków the back decorated with a bow.

    17.44 €

  • Praise Me V-5398 thong

    Praise Me String V-5398 around tulle trimmed with a double layer. Front decorated with black lace which is combined with silver and bow. The back flirtatious triangle decorated with black satin bow.

    27.03 €

  • Hide Me V-5318 thong

    Thongs V-5318 Hide Me from the collection of Axami. Front sewn with beautiful black lace which has been combined with silver. Wider at the front and sides of the ornament in the form of a black satin bow.

    24.32 €

  • G-string 2415 white

    Sexy thong with "hole" in bold release. Made from a combination of kabaretkowej mesh, lace and thin gumeczek. Available in white or black. Decorated with a little bow with pearls

    14.50 €

  • G-string 2417 black-pink

    Feminine, delicate figs. Mount a floral frill. Back to the two rubber cup wrapped around the buttocks. Sexy front slit and satin bow.

    14.50 €

  • G-string 2409 panther

    Flirty thong with lace belt and a pinhole in stride, decorated with a bow

    15.97 €

  • G-String 2414

    Charming, asymmetrical strings, where one side is pretty in pink guipure black flowers, the other side is three sexy, pink rubber cup. Rear full, made of tulle

    14.50 €

  • Pamela/S thong

    Classic thong mostly made of smooth fabric. Add lightness underwear inserts subtle embroidery. The front delicate bow.

    16.95 €

  • M040C thong

    Beautiful salmon-colored thong, made ​​entirely of incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch tulle. Front insert string was decorated with beautiful printed lace. Placed in the center of the bow, and the bow tiny crack that adds spice whole. Back smooth without any stitching. T-shirt is not included.

    15.97 €

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