• Sargerita set

    Sargerita set

    Set of Sargerita lingerie. The set includes bra, garter belt and thong. Lingerie in black -...

    33.99 €

  • Revelation shorts

    Revelation shorts

    Elegant and sexy Revelation shorts. The panties are made of transparent material, finished with...

    13.45 €

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  • Kinga M596 push up bra

    Kinga M596 push up bra

    Chic, very feminine white push-up, lit with beautiful floral embroidery. The whole is maintained in...

    16.75 € (-56%)

    7.33 €

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  • Stella/S thong

    Seductive thong made of elastic tulle adorned with black lace with a floral theme, lined with beige tulle. Back underwear adorned with satin bow. The subtle bow of the glistening ornament on the front of thong underwear adds a unique pattern.

    18.34 €

  • Scarlet/S thong red

    Sensual and seductive thong made entirely of sophisticated black lace decorated with a floral motif. The front reinforced flexible in flesh-colored tulle. Adds additional charm underwear subtle shimmering bow embellishment.

    18.34 €

  • Scarlet/MS mini thong red

    Sensual and seductive thong made of refined black patterned lace enhanced front flexible in flesh-colored tulle. Front and rear connected by flexible satin ribbons. Additional charm adds subtle shimmering bow embellishment.

    17.60 €

  • 169 thong

    Tempting thong for women.
    - Decorated with delicate lace
    - With front satin bow
    - Rear slit
    - Model perfectly aligned to the body, giving a sense of comfort and convenience
    - Made of high quality cotton

    Composition: 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

    13.45 €

  • Aybige thong

    Thong that impress? That's what thong Aybige. On the front panel of transparent material with floral embroidery. The sides made from small "holes" to catch the eye. On the back of the double stripes very alluring they entwine the bottom. The insert of the same material which is boczkach.

    15.89 €

  • Carmelove thong

    Carmelove thong light caramel color. Top trimmed stripe, front decorated with olive bow. Belt with elegant lace panties down fee. Strings very nicely emphasize the hips and buttocks.
    8% polyester, 12% elastane

    14.43 €

  • Ecter thong

    Effective thong Oetker. Heavily cut after bokach.Loki on thin paseczkach. In front of both sides of three rings strips. In the middle of decorative sequins. The back belt elegant lace patterned middle of the coquettish bow. Pupa seductively exposed.
    Composition: 90% Polyamide 10% Spandex

    15.89 €

  • Calla thong

    Calla thong Desire Collection. Made of a soft and flexible material. On the front panel with elegant lace floral pink / black patterns. In the middle of decorative bow. The edges very nicely finished.

    14.43 €

  • Kami thong

    Fancy and sexy thong with lace front. Two rows of soft strings sensually emphasize the shape of female buttocks.
    - Tempting strips wrapped around the hips
    - Contrasting combination of colors
    - Thongs are made of top quality materials

    Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.

    11.98 €

  • Peach thong

    Fancy and sexy thong with lace front. Two rows of soft strings sensually emphasize the shape of female buttocks.
    - Tempting strips wrapped around the hips
    - Thongs are made of top quality materials

    Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.

    11.98 €

  • Carmela S-053/4 thong

    Dreamlike bra Carmela. Beautifully presented in every bosom. Cups made with finesse, immaculate white lace, which wraps sexy breasts and gently climbs the shoulder strap. Shapely bowl mounted on lace bawecie. The back is smooth knitted elastic, reinforced vertical bra. Adjustable straps, nieodpinane. Haftka double-breasted with three-stage adjustment.
    Composition: 66% polyester, 18% cotton, 10% polyurethane, 6% elastane

    16.87 €

  • Nawarra S-2018/4 thong

    Beautiful string of Navarre in light beige color, which perfectly fit the figure and emphasize your uniqueness. The central part of a string of patterned knitwear combined with tricot knit type, which wraps the hips and buttocks. The contact line of fabric decorated with a combination of satin strips in red and beige openwork tape. The bottom line of the legs finished with a decorative ribbon.
    Composition: 79% Nylon, 17% Spandex, 4% cotton

    16.87 €

  • Bilbao S-2055/4 thong

    Flirtatious thong Bilbao. The perfect juxtaposition of fabrics and subtle colors enchant everyone. Beautiful fabric with a distinctive floral print in the central part of the thong, sides with openwork lace. Back string of lightweight elastic mesh. Line legs finished with a decorative ribbon. The whole perfectly highlights feminine shapes. Complementing the whole are details in the color coral.
    Composition: 79% polyamide, 15% elastane, 6% cotton

    16.87 €

  • 15.89 €

  • 15.89 €

  • Frida thong

    The original, extremely tempting przeźroczystościami thong made of delicate tulle sensual classic black in color. Front panty has a coquettish insert embroidered tulle and fine wrinkling impressive. Back panty in full has been made of flexible transparent tulle, which delicately reveals the buttocks. Perfectly polished cut panty makes them perfectly fit to the body while remaining invisible under clothing

    15.89 €

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