• Mini dres vinyl

    Mini dres vinyl

    A tight, vinyl mini dress. Tied at the front at full length. Color: black-czerowny. 100%...

    86.21 €

  • Black gaiters

    Black gaiters

    Black gaiters made of shiny material. Without feet. Material: 60% polyurethane, 36% polyester,...

    31.77 €

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  • Tahoo Shorts shorts

    Women's shorts made ​​of cotton (90%) and lycra (10%).

    12.07 €

  • Chacona shorts

    Playful stringo-shorts made ​​entirely of soft, printed tulle. Back tulle with embroidered floral pattern and was cut teardrop completed girly bow and tulle Legs charming frill panties decorated with the added charm. Fashion nicely emphasizes the figure. Composition: 83% polyamide, 17% elastane.

    17.00 €

  • 114 shorts

    Sexy panties type shorts, made ​​of high quality cotton lace with a floral pattern. Perfectly adhere to the body, giving a feeling of comfort and convenience. Composition: 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

    14.53 €

  • Panties 2387 white

    Spicy shorts. Made of soft mesh and lace. The front seductive keyhole in the back full.

    14.53 €

  • 1382 shorts

    Women's panties-cut shorts, ideal for pregnant women.The unique proposition of underwear I have. Pink lace combined with printed knit in Wrzosowo-cocoa color gives a very romantic effect.

    16.01 €

  • M032C shorts

    Classic shorts with delectable material. T-shirt is not included.

    16.01 €

  • Fitness shorts

    Modern boxers made ​​of elastic cotton, which adapts beautifully to the body. Appeal to each of you, for which is based on comfort and sporty style. Suitable elegant framework feminine shapes, ideal for tight pants or skirts. Composition: 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

    12.07 €

  • Shorts red

    Sexy red boxers with a low condition, made ​​entirely of lace in a floral pattern. Cut panty stresses the abdomen, hips and buttocks. They are ideal for tight-fitting outfits.

    17.00 €

  • Shorts white

    Sexy boxer shorts with a low state, entirely made of beautiful lace in floral design. Cut panty stresses the abdomen, hips and buttocks. Shorts are ideal for tight-fitting outfits.

    17.00 €

  • Bloom shorts white

    Electrifying shorts made ​​entirely of lace. Sexy bond front.

    • perfectly highlighted buttocks
    • subtle binding ribbon
    • Soft, flexible lace (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)


    13.55 €

  • Doris shorts

    Beautiful ladies shorts, classic as it sounds ... because if it is hidden behind a big surprise: panties discover what you are to discover. Bottom buttocks are retained only ribbons.Behind finish fiery red color.

    17.00 €

  • 16.01 €

  • M014C shorts

    Shorts women's entirely made of black tulle. Satin shorts have belt loops through which the strap, which can be drawn at any time. Broaching bar silver thread is finished with satin ribbon and you can tie a bow or knot if you will. The edges were trimmed with glittering shorts Nitechka. After you placed the silver side of the Flower, which adds even more charm szortom.

    15.27 €

  • Imagine shorts

    Seductive shorts are made of delicate lace and transparent tulle. Ideal emphasize the beauty of feminine shapes. Tempt przejrzystościami panties. From the back of an extremely sexy. Front of transparent mesh.

    17.00 €

  • Fanny shorts

    Seductive shorts are made of delicate lace. Ideal emphasize the beauty of feminine shapes. Tempt przejrzystościami panties. From the back of an extremely sexy.

    16.01 €

  • Boxerki damskie BX00042

    Cotton seamless boxer briefs.
    Made from soft breathable cotton, smooth, devoid of adornment, from the top finished with a gentle ribbing of the logo, perfectly fit to the body for comfort, fit into tight stuff.

    Composition: 86% cotton, 9% polyamide, 5% Spandex

    Line Basic Cotton is extremely comfortable underwear to perform in seamless technology of breathable cotton with a touch of polypropylene fibers for active men and women.
    - sculpture, stresses the body, perfectly matched with the simultaneous protection against skin abrasions.
    - The use of polypropylene fabric is breathable and releases moisture and provides a feeling of freshness.
    - products are non-allergenic and bacteriostatic.


    9.61 €

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