• Laurita costume

    Laurita costume

    Material composition: 90% POLYAMIDE 10% ELASTAN

    34.15 €

  • Vinyl gloves

    Vinyl gloves

    Black vinyl gloves, elastic elements. 90% polyester, 10% polyester, polyurethane coating.

    36.61 €

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  • Majesty chemise

    Majesty chemise

    Ultra chic in its classic simplicity shirt Majesty. T-shirt is made of soft fabric and soft elastic...

    21.87 € (-26%)

    15.97 €

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  • Astrid panties

    Delicate boxers tempting combination of soft microfiber with a sensual elegant lace. A look spectacular catches beige fabric inset front panty covered with delicate embroidered tulle. Lace sides gently envelop the hips beautifully highlighting them. Back boxers in full has been made of smooth microfiber adorned at the edges of the decorative band.

    12.04 €

  • 123 panties

    Subtle women's panties. Fashion type hipsters. Front is adorned with delicate satin bow. The front panels of beautiful lace. Model perfectly aligned to the body, giving a feeling of comfort and convenience. Made of high quality cotton.
    Composition: 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

    12.04 €

  • Primrose V-5173 panties

    Primrose briefs V-5173 is a suggestion for those who love a more built-up panties. Transparent material with fine embroidery beautifully adorn the body.

    27.03 €

  • White Lily V-5163 panties

    Women's panties White Lily V-5163 kept its charm which consists of a translucent white tulle front and rear in conjunction with the original lace on the sides.

    27.03 €

  • Bell V-5133 panties

    Black panties Bell V-5133 are sewn with high quality microfiber making the front and back of the model, while the translucent black tulle with black and silver lace tops the sides of the model.

    24.32 €

  • Moon Flower V-5123 panties

    Elegant briefs Moon Flower V-5123. Black front and rear is made of comfortable microfiber. The sides adorned with beautiful delicate silvery-black lace. In the middle of a black satin bow.

    24.32 €

  • 1130 panties

    Collection Spring / Summer 2014! Subtle beige panties. Made of smooth microfiber. Front, sides and back decorated with delicate lace
    Composition: 91% polyamide, 5% cotton, 4% elastane.

    16.95 €

  • Night Panty

    Sometimes a tiny detail to catch the attention of your partner and ignite his senses to red. So it is with Panty Night, which in a unique way to emphasize the feminine buttocks. In such a "frame", every woman feel sexy and sensual.
    Back decorated with bow and lace combination of finesse.
    Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

    15.97 €

  • Soft Fluffy panties

    Wonderful yet comfortable women's panties, perfectly adhere to the body. The sides are decorated with delicate, charming lace that sensually emphasize the shape of your body. Soft and pleasant to the touch. Composition: 90% cotton, 7% elastane, 3% polyamide.

    13.51 €

  • HI10080 panties seamless

    Women's Panties - hipsters, seamless classic cut from the collection of Comfort Wool. In the outer layer applied with a soft, very thin and delicate 100% wool merino. The flexibility of wool underwear does not crease and pushes. Ideally adapts to the body. The combination of natural fibers of polyamide and the use of a double-layer, seamless construction afforded the unique characteristics of temperature regulation while maintaining maximum comfort. Underwear is effective in helping to maintain a constant body temperature, protecting the body from getting cold and overheating. Lingerie has been dermatologically tested - not irritating and does not cause allergies. Composition: 57% polyamide, 41% wool, 2% elastane.

    13.51 €

  • Panties 2418 white

    Sexy Lace - mesh panties with a crack in the step and a ribbon on the front.

    15.97 €

  • Panties 2410 white

    Charming panties with lace tulle and decorated with satin bows. The flexible material from which the panties are made perfectly adapts to FIG.

    15.97 €

  • Quinn panties

    Lace, open panties in a very bold fashion. An interesting proposal for diversifying foreplay. Metal decorating does not contain nickel. Modern fashion is made of timeless lace. Bow on the buttocks playfully emphasizes the feminine shapes. Made from the highest quality fabric (80% polyamide, 20% elastane).

    15.97 €

  • Celina panties

    Smooth women's panties briefs type of built-cut.Shore lined with decorative ribbon panties.

    15.97 €

  • Panties 2392 panties

    Charming lace panties with a hole in the front. On the back full.

    13.51 €

  • 1381 panties

    Unique underwear created for lactating women, which in addition to appreciate the convenience of a sexy look.Model of women's panties made ​​of microfiber in small dots.

    15.97 €

  • 105 panties

    Women's panties, panties made of a transparent, elegant lace.

    15.97 €

  • Pansy V-5093 panties

    Elegant briefs Pansy V-5093 from the collection of In Bloom. The front decorated with pretty lace panties. Back sewn with delicate and soft microfiber. Figs are very comfortable and beautifully decorated body.

    27.03 €

  • Lily V-5013 panties

    Elegant full briefs V-5013 from Axami. Made from a combination of transparent tulle with a beautiful black pattern on the sides and a beige microfiber. The front decoration in the form of a black bow, fine wrinkling. Figs are very comfortable and beautifully decorated body.

    27.03 €

  • Galore panties

    Extremely cute panties made of black dots transparent tulle. From the front, a satin bow, and the back decorated with three layers of purple ruffles, where you can see three small bows. The whole figs finished with purple piping. This color contrasts beautifully with the black tulle. Cut panty can nicely expose the buttocks, hips and legs.

    16.95 €

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