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  • 09 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt in white. Made from transparent fabric. Fastened with three hooks. The front decorated with floral lace. In the middle of an ornamental bow.

    18.38 €

  • 11 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt in beige color. Made from soft, flexible touch material. On the back fastened with floor hooks. The whole is finished in black, decorative band. The front and sides of the decorative bow.

    18.38 €

  • 08 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt from the latest collection of lingerie manufacturer D Karen. The belt was sewn from a combination of two colors: black and red. The front of the beautiful flower embroidery in the color red and sensual. Decoration in the form of delicate black satin bows with small red roses in the middle.

    19.36 €

  • Violet V-5022 garter belt

    Dreamlike exclusive garter belt Violet V-5022 is a quint essence of elegance. With high-quality materials, its original embroidered designs and stylish lacing becomes the object of desire of every chic woman. The belt fastened at the back with hooks.

    Composition: 56% polyamide, 41% polyester, 3% spandex.

    48.77 €

  • Kornelia garter belt

    High garter belt, made ​​entirely of translucent lace covered with delicate floral embroidery gently wraps itself around women's hips, emphasizing the roundness.

    20.59 €

  • Catia garter belt

    Sexy garter belt Catia - enchant him! Delicate lace with a floral motif. Finish with fine lace. Adjustable garter straps. Lace thong included.
    soft, flexible material (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)

    19.36 €

  • Primrose V-5172 garter belt

    Delicate exclusive tulle garter belt V-5172 Primrose completed sensual embroidery and decorated with a double layer of white tape.

    48.77 €

  • White Lily V-5162 garter belt

    Nearly transparent garter belt White Lily V-5162 has attracted attention because of the fashionable theme lacing and lace inset translucent with its original formula. The proposal for women who appreciate style and elegance.

    48.77 €

  • Bell V-5132 garter belt

    Exclusive garter belt Bell V-5132 will appeal to every demanding woman. From the high-quality black tulle emerges transparent lace bottom of shimmering silver.

    48.77 €

  • Catch Me V-5342 garter belt
    Garter belt Catch Me V-5342 is the latest Axami. Sophisticated, stylish appeal to every demanding woman. On the front panel in pink color coated with black elegant lace. The sides adorned with delicate black, translucent tulle. Attention is geometric cutouts on the sides emphasizing the waist. Back sewn tulle. At the bottom of the front and back of the decoration in the form of small black satin bows.

    46.32 €

  • Desire Me V-5322 garter belt

    Elegant and sexy garter belt Desire Me V-5322. Made from a combination of two energetic colors black and red. Sensual red microfiber was in the front of the sides wrapped in beautiful black lace. In the middle of black decorative flower.

    30.64 €

  • Punker garter belt

    Sexy masthead combination of chain and garter belt. Chain fastened at the neck and back allows adjustment. Spice up the exposed breast attention-grabbing. The belt has adjustable garter straps. On the buttocks stiffened corset binding. Sexy thong included.
    Composition: leather-like material (50% polyester, 50% polyurethane)

    36.52 €

  • Diana garter belt

    The elegant, lacy garter belt.
    Adjustable straps allow you to fit.
    Belt fastened on the back of two-stage closure.

    18.38 €

  • Lisa garter belt white or black

    The elegant, lacy garter belt.
    Adjustable straps allow you to fit.
    Belt fastened on the back of two-stage closure.

    19.36 €

  • Tame Me V-5352 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt Tame Me V - 5352 . Made from lightweight microfiber and adorned with beautiful lace front . Additional decoration in the form of red roses . The belt is back fastened with hooks.

    43.87 €

  • Feel Me V-5332 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt Feel Me V - 5332 from the collection of Axami sewn with delicate tulle . Front decorated lacing , ruffles and embroidery. On both sides of the flirtatious flounce . Female decoration in the form of satin bows . Back smooth .

    43.87 €

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