• Mask Blue

    Mask Blue

    13.45 €

  • Spencer corset

    Spencer corset

    Spencer corset is a beautiful and elegant underwear for any stylish woman. The dark color...

    36.43 €

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  • Electra chemise white

    Electra chemise white

    Electra is electrifying chemise shaped capes tied satin wstążekczką. Broad glossy flounce,...

    33.01 € (-34%)

    21.76 €

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  • Pacifica Stewardess Costume

    Costume Sexy Stewardesses Pacifica is the latest producer Livia Corsetti Fashion. The set consists of a corset, hats and mothers.
    Stockings are not included.

    36.43 €

  • L-118 set

    Sexy set for passionate moments for two!
    - Made with seductive red lace
    - Top with soft cups
    - Between her breasts seductive slit
    - Top tied at the neck and back
    - Model adorned with flirty red bows
    - Figs with sexy slits at the back
    - A product manufactured in Poland

    Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    40.34 €

  • 6591 bra + thong + garter belt

    An ebullient sex kit for every lady who wants to feel like the most feminine. The bra is made extremely interesting since he has padded half-cups with boning, richly decorated with high quality lace. Thin straps keep it without a problem on the spot, and is further enhanced by a neck strap tulle. Between cups beautiful and certainly looks attractive pink bow. Garter belt made of transparent material, with lace inserts on the front and the same as bra pink decorative bow. Belts to support stockings adjustable. String made of rubber narrow in the rear part and sides, front and a smooth elastic material. The whole looks very sexy and very feminine.

    38.88 €

  • 6590 bra + thong + garter belt

    Lacy, sexy set will stimulate your senses and bring freshness to any bedroom. The set consists of 3 components: bra, thong and garter belt. All parts are made of high quality soft lace, which is very pleasing to the body and at the same time very flexible. The bra has soft cups, straps and sides are made of narrow elastics. Strings also have narrow side eraser, front and decorative embellishment and very sexy. The same garter belt is decorated on the front and stripes responsible for maintaining stockings you can easily be adjusted. Sensual, sexy and very feminine, certainly you should be in the wardrobe of every woman.

    46.21 €

  • 6592 bra + thong + garter belt

    This set is sure to satisfy even the most demanding women. Extremely sexy certainly stimulate all the senses. The bra has a low bowl, lightly padded, supportive bust only in the lower part, while the remaining part of the breast is visible and beautifully exposed. Perfectly shaped cups and underwire help maintain a natural breast. Nieodpinane, adjustable straps and three-clasp you can adapt it to any shape. It is wonderfully decorated with the highest quality lace, and decorative bow between the breasts will surely attract glances. The same bow used to decorate a garter belt is also made of high quality lace. Adjustable straps to support stockings, it can be adapted to your needs. The entire complement of smooth material thong. Set perfect for every occasion and for every lady.

    43.77 €

  • 6821 set

    This sensual set of snowflakes is the perfect choice for festive frolic in the bedroom. Soft bra has a triangular cups made of red, pleasant to the touch mesh. Sensual cut on the bust decorated with white bows. Bra tied around his neck elastic band with white cans at the ends. The set of string tied at the sides with white cans. Thong with a slit at the front decorated with white bows.

    37.90 €

  • 6670 set

    Lace set for an exciting finishes very sexy and feminine. Soft cup bra framed black material to half are finished in soft lace, and the upper portion is cut. Between cups decorative and attractive look pink bow. Nieodpinane, adjustable straps, it can easily fit into a bra FIG. The set also includes lace, nietuzinkowo finished thong. In front of a small notch at the top and the back of the frill trim and a pink bow. The whole extremely sexy and definitely very feminine.

    38.88 €

  • 6669 set

    Fiery red kit is the perfect way to gaining the attention. The bra has soft lace cups, interestingly decorated on the edges of the strip of material, which also supports the bust. Nieodpinane thin, adjustable straps allow its perfect fit. The set includes also a very interesting made figs. In the lower part they are made of lace while the upper represent interesting routed strips of flexible material, which coincide with the back. Certainly a very sexy position, after which they should reach all the ladies.

    38.88 €

  • 6602 set

    Unusual style and decoration make this two-piece set looks amazing. Bra is a combination of low bowls open type, usztywnianych, underwired, with an interesting decoration. From the center of each bowl run two strips of soft lace interposition of interesting, decorative bond in the red. They remain on thin paseczkach material, set up to cover the neck. The cups also maintain the regulated nieodpinanych thin straps that allow you to adjust bra silhouette. The front part of the string, the second of the elements of this set was made in the same way as ornaments on a bra. Between two strips of black lace decorative red is a bond, from which extend on the sides of the eraser 3, collected in the back of the thin single stripe. This set certainly deserves to be extremely sexy and seductive.

    36.43 €

  • 6601 set

    Seductive set with lace of extraordinary appearance, which certainly gone very hard on the senses. Soft, lacy bra cups are connected by an interesting decoration, which adds a whole will certainly charm. Thin straps, this model nieodpinane and regulated to allow for smooth fitting bra to the figure. String also are made from the same high-quality lace, the front part of them, as well as the bra cup, is connected to the narrow rubbers decorative elements. The whole extremely well adapts to the body, making it look very sexy and enticing.

    36.43 €

  • 6599 peek-a-boo set

    Interestingly made bra open and just as intriguingly designed thong create this unique and extremely sexy set. Low padded underwire cups are under the bust for a better his support. Decorated with high quality lace, they remain on thin nieodpinanych and adjustable straps. Between cups adds spice decoration in the form of bows. Thong made of transparent material, the sides have two narrow rubber bands. Thanks to respectively support them in place. In front of an additional inset with lace and decorative bow, the same as on the bra.

    43.77 €

  • 6597 peek-a-boo set

    Sexy set for adventurous women. Bra so-called open. N bottom rests on strips of material and on the sides of the breast are covered by strips of soft and delicate lace. Breasts are beautifully displayed, additional decoration in the form of delicate bows certainly catches the eye. Belts lace pass in thin nieodpinane straps that allow you to fit a bra silhouette. Located in thong they are also open-ended in front of have sexy cut, exposing feminine charms. The sides are made of high quality soft lace embellishment on the back of the same bow as bra. All very sexy and attractive looks.

    31.54 €

  • 6596 leopard peek-a-boo set

    Seductive and sexy it will determine which fit perfectly into this set. It consists of a bra and thong interestingly designed. Bra has cut the so-called open, or only the lower part of the breast is supported by a low, slightly padded cups boning. Made of high quality material in a pattern camouflage, bowls decorated with extra on top of the lace. Nieodpinane, adjustable straps and a three-clasp allow a perfect fit to the figure. Front and back strings made of the same material on the sides of the narrow rubber bands, interestingly arranged and perfectly supporting the whole place. Set extremely sexy, each of you will have a good feel to it.

    48.66 €

  • 6595 peek-a-boo set

    Delicate, but extremely sexy set consisting of a bra and a thong. Bra open, maintains the bust only in the lower part due to low miseczkom. Lightly padded, underwired, help to perfect his positioning and prominence. Made of high quality lace between the cups and the straps flirty ornaments in the form of bows. Nieodpinane, adjustable shoulder straps as well as a three-clasp allow seamless fit it into the figure. Strigni made of high quality mesh, in front of the insertion of the lace are the same lace, which is made bra. The whole extremely flexible, perfectly adjusts to the figures and, above all, emanating sex.

    43.77 €

  • 6622 set

    This costume every lady will in a few moments turn into a very sexy bunny. The set includes the thong, headband and cuffs at the wrists. Thong made of black fabric, the sides persisting on flexible erasers, front decorated with application in the shape of a Playboy bunny, and the back of the tail with white fur. Headband front has a black, stiff rabbit ears, culminating white extremely sexy presenting the fur. Wrist assumed white short sleeves, fastened with black buttons. The set will appeal to every lady.

    31.54 €

  • 6684 set

    Set perfect for any bedroom where couples want to bring a little freshness. The set includes material handcuffs, thong and blindfold. Made in a very sexy, pink color, certainly every lady will appeal. Smooth blindfold is adorned at the edges of tulle flounce. Expected soft wrist cuffs also decorated with tulle. Velcro, are also ribbon, so you can tie them together. Sexy thong in front of to cut, exposing the groin. With the sides tied at the wide ribbon, which certainly adds to the charm. Set perfect for any couple who is looking for new experiences and new sensations.

    33.99 €

  • Lovica set

    Time for something a little sharper. Exceptional underwear with lots of naughty details guarantees an evening full of surprises ... hot! Select a brave set Lovic in instigating the senses red - will allow you to discover a completely new experience and spend time with even more extremely pleasant moments!
    The next level of initiation? Here you go:
    - A unique set in a unique fashion
    - Combination of soft material and beautiful, shiny lace
    - Spicy bra - tempts intriguing typeface!
    - Adjustable shoulder straps and multi-stage clasp - perfect fit
    - Padded cups and underwire float and expose breasts
    - Pendant with a shimmering gem (NickelFree - does not contain nickel) between the cups
    - Total matching bolero fastened with pearl button (NickelFree) - flirtatious neckline covers
    - Figs with a bold, open-cut decorated with playful bows on the front
    - Elastic, nice in touch fabric (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)

    40.34 €

  • Ximena set

    Amazing 3-piece babydoll for hot women made of elastic and pleasant to the body of viscose, decorated with black lace and bows.
    Bra and garter belt fastened at the back of the three-row hooks for adjustment buckles. Bra also has adjustable straps.
    Thong and bra open.
    The set is packed in an elegant box with a photo of the product.

    Fabric: 55% viscose, 15% polyester, 15% polyamide, 15% elastane.

    36.43 €

  • Hannah set

    4-piece babydoll consisting of a masthead, sleeves and mini skirts in a fiery red and corset made of top-quality, glossy Lacki, reinforced 10-king vertical lines spanning perfectly emphasizing the waist, which is fastened on the back on hooks. Set ideal for women who want to surprise your man.

    43.77 €

  • Letizia set

    Sexy babydoll, consisting of an open bra and FIG. Made of black mesh polka dot trim and red chaplet. Front bra and fig decorated with a red bow. Bra fastened on the back of triple-row adjustable hooks. Straps also regulated.

    30.56 €

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