• Mask Blue

    Mask Blue

    13.48 €

  • Spencer corset

    Spencer corset

    Spencer corset is a beautiful and elegant underwear for any stylish woman. The dark color...

    36.52 €

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  • Stewardess costume

    Costume of one of the world's most sexy profession - stewardess. Dress has stand up, przymarszczone short sleeves and fasten the tabs imitation of what gives it character mundurkowego. Deep neckline exposes nice breasts and cut back flirtatiously revealing buttocks. Thanks to its flexible fabric adapts perfectly to the body and is very comfortable. Matching thong and hat. High flying guaranteed.
    Fabric: 80% nylon, 20% Spandex

    product is available in a universal size matching the women wearing S or M.

    35.54 €

  • Emergency set + stethoscope (set)

    Emergency nurse costume set a women's arch, which are fantasies and the courage to pursue them. Set includes bra, thong, nurse cap, gloves and a real medical stethoscope. Bikini bra has a cut, has a unique red circle in the flower of white crosses. Thongs are in front of the application with a perverse sign> obsessive emergency <. Long white gloves are made of soft elastic fabric dates back to the elbows. The kit does not include the apparatus for measuring blood pressure. Listen heartbeat of a loved one with the bundled stetoskopowi

    Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex

    This product is available in a universal size fits on women wearing S or M.


    20.83 € (-42%)

    12.01 €

  • Bunny suit (set)

    Playful bunny costume consisting of a masthead with straps for stockings, pantów, stockings and ears. Top has a crack on the front decorated with cute bows on the back is tied, making it an ideal fit. Clasps Garter also adorned with bows. Full panty nicely emphasize the curves and is complemented by a distinctive fluffy tail. Elegant satin ears on the band can be freely hair, coquettishly form. Includes soft mesh stockings.

    Fabric: 90% polyamide, 10% spandex

    product is available in a universal size matching the women wearing S or M.

    34.07 €

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