• Mask


    Black lace mask with holes for eyes. Tied back with a ribbon. 100% polyester.

    13.51 €

  • Mandy set

    Mandy set

    A satin set consisting of a t-shirt and shorts. The top and bottom are decorated with delicate...

    27.03 €

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  • Basya chemise

    Basya chemise

    Very sexy dress with long sleeves made ​​of flexible material. Composition: 90% polyamide,...

    19.41 € (-25%)

    14.50 €

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  • Kasandra chemise

    Petticoat of satin, decorated with lace front, under the breasts sewn decorative ribbon, embroidered with tulle flounce down on elastic, thin adjustable straps.

    29.48 €

  • Ismena chemise

    Satin shirt. Top made of lace lined with satin. Down slightly extended. Thin shoulder straps and adjustable.

    29.48 €

  • Irmina chemise

    Irmina elegant shirt made of fine viscose fabric. Very nicely he adapts to the body. Bowl shaped made from transparent lace. Bottom decorated with delicate lace. Thin shoulder straps and adjustable.

    27.03 €

  • Gracja chemise

    Halka viscose, triangular bowls made of lace, bows adorn the front and jewelry, adjustable shoulder straps, bottom finished with hemstitch.

    27.03 €

  • Gloria chemise

    Comfortable and romantic satin chemise. The front of the neckline and the back of the line of cut decorative embroidered lace. Back heavily cut. Thin shoulder straps and adjustable. Crossed enough.

    29.48 €

  • Gaja chemise

    Chemise with viscose. Up petticoats and sewn under the bust is delicate gumka.Góra and bottom edged petticoats are hemstitch. Thin shoulder straps and unregulated.

    30.71 €

  • Kwiryna chemise

    Sexy set consists of tulle petticoats and strings. Up form the curved bowl trimmed with delicate chaplet slightly wrinkled, under the breasts and bottom sewn decorative lace petticoats. Thin shoulder straps and adjustable

    29.48 €

  • Deni 2 chemise

    T-shirt adapts itself to the shape of the body. Extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Thin shoulder straps. Viscose.

    24.32 €

  • Afra chemise

    Afra T-shirt made of soft viscose. At the elegant lace neckline. The shirt is very convenient.

    33.17 €

  • Accalia black chemise

    Accalia black T-shirt is the perfect choice for women who appreciate comfort and elegance in the bedroom. Made of black opaque material. Wide straps sewn with elegant lace. The same strip of lace under the breasts. At the junction of bowls decorative bow. On the back sexy cutout.

    31.70 €

  • 1622 chemise

    Subtle chemise made of very nice viscose fabric. Delicate lace at the neckline adds romantyzmu.Koszulka for wider straps, the bust line chaplet sewn shut. Not replaced proposal during romantic evenings for two.

    38.08 €

  • 34.15 €

  • Miamor chemise

    Miamor elegant shirt chemise:
    - Exceptionally feminine shirt with glittering ornaments
    - Lace front neckline beautifully highlights
    - Adjustable straps - guarantee a perfect fit
    - A simple, non-limiting movements fit - full convenience and comfort
    - Cut on her hip and lace at the bottom of the shirt - details full of sex appeal
    - Shiny pebbles on the neckline and bottom of the dress - the details that every woman will love!
    - Complete smooth, black thong
    - Delicate, pleasant to the touch fabric (85% polyamide, 15% elastane)

    34.15 €

  • Q 200 chemise

    The shirt is made of cotton and modal. Combining the two types of fiber in a single fabric is designed to improve the properties of the product. Modal has excellent hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), is pleasant to the touch, and also more durable than viscose. On the neck and the sides used silk satin - smooth, a glossy texture which gives a luxurious shirt smartness. The model has adjustable straps and practical pockets, making it convenient to use. It is available in ecru and red.

    31.70 €

  • V-6559 Babydoll Mauve

    Babydoll Mauve V-6559 is elegant lingerie for women. Made of soft, transparent tulle and patterned lace. At the junction of bowls decorative black bow. Thin shoulder straps, adjustable. The set includes a thong.

    57.74 €

  • Scarlet/K chemise black

    Sensual and seductive t-shirt made of refined lace decorated with delicate floral motif, combined with a delicate tulle. The cups perfectly expose and support the breasts thanks to the specially contoured inserts. The sparkling embellishment, placed between the cups, biustonoszowi adds a special charm.

    46.44 €

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