• Dress


    Shiny black tight mini dress with adjustable and removable straps. Neckline in front decorated...

    46.44 €

  • Set 3pcs

    Set 3pcs

    3-piece resting set: - high lace panties - embroidered sarong (width 8 cm, length 120 cm) made...

    41.52 €

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  • Star V-7210 bodystocking

    Bodystocking V-7210 Star for sexy chic. The soft, elastic mesh adapts nicely to the body. On the sides intriguing cutouts, exposing the hips. On the front is a sensual slit, decorated with red ribbon, which can be lacquered at will. Beautiful, elegant embroidery blossoms on the leg.

    29.48 €

  • Stelo V-7190 bodystocking

    Bodystocking V-7190 Stelo made of soft, elastic mesh, very nicely adapts to the body. Long sleeves, prominent neckline. Cutouts with regular shapes. This bodystocking model will work as an erotic lingerie for a hot night as well as an evening outfit for the club.

    29.48 €

  • CR 4092 body

    Spicy bodystocking CR 4092. Flesh colored in black patterns. Long Sleeve. The body is made of elastic material, nicely adapts to the silhouette.

    35.63 €

  • Zarina bodystocking

    Sexy bodystocking Zarina. Underwear made of soft, elastic material. Top and bottom joined together with straps on the thighs. Decorations in the form of hearts.
    Material Composition: 90% POLYAMIDE 10% ELASTAN

    19.41 €

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