• Lovely push up bra V-941

    Lovely push up bra V-941

    The unique push-up bra in orange, decorated with brown prints, black lace, floral embroidery and a...

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VBD-11 body red

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Elegant body with long sleeves.
The translucent, flexible lace body sensually fee.
Edge of the neckline and the bottom finished with a decorative elastic band.

In the single-step fastening three metal clips.
Cotton crotch liner.
Cut down the body of FIG.

Fabric: 75% polyamide, 20% elastna, 3% polyester, 2% cotton.
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  • Majesty chemise

    Ultra chic in its classic simplicity shirt Majesty. T-shirt is made of soft fabric and soft elastic laces that offer the highest comfort. Wysmuklone lace bowl with a vertical incision modeling emphasize the bust. On the back a deep neckline with lace zalotnym that not only looks impressive, but also allows a perfect fit shirts to the body. Bottom nicely trimmed with elastic lace shirt maintains its place. Supplied with string.
    Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex

    product is available in a universal size fits on women wearing S or M and size L or XL universal.


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  • Euphoria push up bra V-551

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  • Temptation push up bra V-1041

    Romantic bra push up ecru-rose decorated with floral embroidery and pink frills and bows - a comfortable and gentle.


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  • Annika panties or thong

    String Annika Latte
    Thongs of cut slightly built entirely made of elastic fabric in beige color intensive. On the back was inserted fancy embroidery element of stability in a uniform beige color. The lines also emphasize the waist with elastic inserts Italian embroidery. In addition, the front decorated with narrow guipure. Back thong finished seam, and the front and waist rubber lace.
    Panties Annika Latte
    Classic panties made of elastic fabric in beige color intensive. Hip line emphasizes transparent Italian embroidery on both sides of the briefs, the front embroidered shirt gipiurka made ​​in Italy. Legs finished with back seam and front and waist rubber lace.

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VBD-11 body red

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