• Imagine shorts

    Imagine shorts

    Seductive shorts made of delicate lace and transparent tulle. Perfectly highlight the beauty of...

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  • Gatta Body Relaxmedica 20 tights

    BODY Relax-medica 20 den. Stockings for varicose by alternating gentle compression along the leg (the largest in the ankle 6mm Hg, mean knees 4.5 mm Hg, and the lowest in the region will 3mm Hg) to prevent fatigue and swelling, facilitate proper circulation. Corrective part of the panty clearly modeled figure slimming it. Special eraser gently hug the waist, not curled and thus do not fit. Composition: 84% polyamide, 16% elastane. Especially recommended for: - rising during the day swelling of legs - feeling tired and heavy legs - jobs requiring prolonged sitting or standing

    11.22 €

  • Medica Push-up 40 Den Code 128 tights

    Tights with a slimming and corrective silhouette with a special panty portion oppressor stomach and hips, and lifting the buttocks. Softened with aloe vera extract that provides moisturizing the skin and giving a feeling of comfort. Advantages: instant body contouring, correction hips and thighs, well-holding and non-compressive rubber. Thickness 40 den. Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

    12.22 €

  • Slimming colorado leggins

    Slimming, fashionable leggings.
    The wide waist, slimming belt (with sewn from the center brace).
    The cellular structure of the fabric provides breathability, evaporation of sweat, guarantees regulation of thermals, has a high resistance to abrasion, is flexible in four directions, always returns to its original form, comfort 24 hours a day, there is always "redy-to-wear." Through the 50% reduction in fiber dries quickly.
    Fabric Meryl ActiSystem average thickness (Colorado): polyamide + spandex.

    38.65 €

  • Desire Me V-5322 garter belt

    Elegant and sexy garter belt Desire Me V-5322. Made from a combination of two energetic colors black and red. Sensual red microfiber was in the front of the sides wrapped in beautiful black lace. In the middle of black decorative flower.

    31.17 €

  • Stockings 6280

    Stockings of flowery formula combined with a decorative lace belt. Made of soft, elastic fabric fit perfectly to the shape of the female body. High ease of use provides a permanent connection belt and stockings using lace ribbons.
    Thongs are not included.

    24.69 €

  • Stockings 9301

    Stockings with silicone. Made of soft, durable mesh kabaretkowej a fine mesh. Finished with elastic band. Additional decoration are supplied, satin ribbon with a length of 140 cm and a width of 2.5 cm, which can tie up stockings by przeznczone for this purpose, a special mesh. Composition: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex

    18.70 €

  • Stockings 8033

    Stockings without silicone. Made of soft, durable, kabaretkowej a fine mesh nets. Finished elastic band that keeps the stocking on his thigh. Top stockings adorned with the original model. Composition: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex

    22.19 €

  • S206 garter stockings black

    Garter belt and stockings in black S206 in one! Garter belt and the top is decorated with floral motif. Flexible, not tight fitting elastic at the waist. Unveiled step. Soft and flexible material (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    22.19 €

  • Lisa garter belt white or black

    The elegant, lacy garter belt.
    Adjustable straps allow you to fit.
    Belt fastened on the back of two-stage closure.

    19.70 €

  • Melia Code 330 tights

    Dreamlike patterned tights manufactured using Lycra 3D technology. This model is a combination of sensuality with elegance. Unusual design make will decorate any outfit and ensure that you can not go past them indifferently. Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

    12.22 €

  • Tame Me V-5352 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt Tame Me V - 5352 . Made from lightweight microfiber and adorned with beautiful lace front . Additional decoration in the form of red roses . The belt is back fastened with hooks.

    44.64 €

  • Feel Me V-5332 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt Feel Me V - 5332 from the collection of Axami sewn with delicate tulle . Front decorated lacing , ruffles and embroidery. On both sides of the flirtatious flounce . Female decoration in the form of satin bows . Back smooth .

    44.64 €

  • Livia leggins push up

    Fashion leggings body shaping Livia! Leggings with push-up effect fantastic shape and lift the buttocks. Wide elastic perfectly slender waist. Flexible and pleasant to the touch, great opinają body. Thickness 200 DEN - completely opaque. Composition: 62% viscose, 28% polyester, 10% spandex.

    29.93 €

  • Charm Me V-5282 garter belt

    Lovely elegant garter belt Charm Me V - 5282 is made of black elastic "networking" sensually emphasizes the waist and hips. Additional front flower decoration .

    44.64 €

  • Touch Me V-5272 garter belt

    Impressive garter belt Touch Me V-5272 is made of black elastic "networking" sensually emphasizes the waist and hips. Additional front flower decoration.

    32.42 €

  • 465 garter belt

    Garter belt with its original design. Elegant lace trim makes the model looks very impressive. The belt has four suspender clips with adjustable length. Rear single, two-stage closure.
    Fabric: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    22.19 €

  • 105 garter belt

    A delicate garter belt (narrow) in a shade of white snow.

    22.19 €

  • Pansy V-5092 garter belt

    Exclusive garter belt Pansy V-5092 from the collection of In Bloom. Front decorated with elegant lace pattern lace. Lacing attracts attention and makes the belt can be nicely fit to the body. The sides decorated with impressive crown. Back smooth.

    62.09 €

  • Lily V-5002 garter belt

    Exclusive garter belt Lily V-5002. The front corset lacing allows you to adjust the waist to the figure. Sides made ​​from transparent tulle decorated with black motifs. Back smooth. Adorned in a black satin bows.

    49.63 €

  • Excite Me V-5362 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt Excite Me V-5362 in red. Made from lightweight microfiber and adorned with beautiful lace front. Additional decoration in the form of red roses. The belt is fastened at the back with hooks.

    37.16 €

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