• Mask Golden

    Mask Golden

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  • Shannon thong

    Shannon thong

    Elegant Shannon panties in navy-gold color. Decorated with beautiful floral embroidery. In the...

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  • S802 Stockings Black

    Sexy stockings S802 in black. Top decorated with elegant lace. Stockings are flexible and nicely fit to the body. They are not self-supporting.
    Composition: 84% nylon, 16% elastane)

    15.93 €

  • S803 Stockings White

    White stockings Obsessive S803. Very elegant stockings adorned at the top of a wide, lace with a floral motif. Stockings are flexible, nicely fit to the body. Stockings are not self-supporting.
    Composition: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex

    15.93 €

  • Elise garter belt

    Richly decorated garter belt made ​​of flexible microfiber and beautiful, slightly shiny lace in a floral pattern. It has a durable fasteners, so that keeps the stockings throughout the day. With special materials slightly shapes hips and abdomen. Very comfortable. Perfectly presented in a set of bra and panties Elise.

    Composition: 60% polyamide, 20% polyester, 13% cotton, 7% elastane.

    20.83 €

  • Trinity leggings

    Leggings with long legs for active women. Practical pockets. In May waist comfortable, large eraser. On the back mesh inserts. Leggings great stress bottom. Pants are made ​​from a flexible material that allows the skin to breathe and wicks moisture. Thickness 200DEN.
    Composition: 85% polyester, 15% spandex.

    34.07 €


    SLIMMING CAPRI CLIMAline - women's fashion leggings for "capri" knee, slimming.
    SLIMMING CAPRI CLIMAline collection of Fitness & Sport is an extremely comfortable leggings 3/4 length optically slimming, wysmuklają and model figure. They are a great choice for active women. They can be successfully used for a variety of sports and every day. Melaza color fits many styling. High state leggings, a broad belt, helps to hide shortcomings in the crucial figure in the body, which is the waist. Used sewing leggings technology of flat seams prevents chafing of the skin.
    High-end knit CLIMAline made in modern technology Archroma® wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving it dry even during intense physical exertion and thus increasing comfort. The material is pleasant to the touch, flexible and long retains its properties. Knitted fabric structure provides adequate elongation, a perfect fit to the body while providing freedom of movement. Pleasant to the touch like a second skin, which guarantees a feeling of comfort.
    Key features leggings SLIMMING CAPRI CLIMAline
    moisture from the skin
    breathable fiber
    pleasant to the touch fabric
    retains its properties for a long time
    good thermal properties
    optimum cooling of the skin
    quick-drying material
    easy-care material pleasant to the touch
    resistance to pilling
    easy to use
    flexible fiber
    guarantee maximum comfort and freedom of movement
    stretchability in two directions
    returns to the original shape
    perfectly matching up
    check during each exercise
    Optical slim figure
    the maximum feeling of comfort
    high state
    wide belt at the waist
    3/4 length
    95% polyester, 5% elastane
    270g / m2

    37.99 €

  • Leggings TOP II WARM Line

    Leggings Women WARMline
    composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
    Weight: 225g / m 2
    Knitwear scratched from the inside. It is extremely soft and supple, pleasant to the touch and so comfortable as a second skin
    wicks moisture away
    dries quickly
    protection Thermal / Thermal
    easy to use
    T-shirt is not included.

    36.52 €

  • Leggings TOP XIV WARMline

    Leggings Women's 3/4 leg black
    Layer fabric ideal for the winter. Keeps the body at an optimum temperature even in very cold days. Dries quickly, effectively draining the sweat to the outer layers of clothing. "Drape-brushed" the inner surface makes underwear, though fully synthetic, is delicate and pleasant to the skin, the touch reminding bawełnę.Struktura stretch fabric provides adequate. Combined with flat seam technology provides the necessary flexibility, perfect fit to your body and prevents chafing of the skin and overlapping seams of the next layer of clothing.
    95% polyester, 5% elastane Weight: 225g / m²
    wicks moisture away
    dries quickly
    protection Thermal / Thermal
    easy to use
    brushed fabric on the inside
    perfectly matching the
    stretch in two directions
    T-shirt is not included.

    34.07 €

  • Leggings CLASSIC II Dry LIne

    Women's leggings in a series of long thermal underwear. Type of fabric: SILVER + (knit with silver ions: an antibacterial) + DRY LINE (​​light fabric: composition 95% polyester, 5% Spandex: action: easily wicks moisture outside)
    - Flat seams,
    - No uncomfortable tags
    - Quick and flexible material.
    weight: 160g / m²
    T-shirt is not included.

    34.07 €

  • PUSH-UP LEGGINGS Anti Cellulite

    PUSH-UP LEGGINGS Anti Cellulite
    Ideally suited to a woman's figure thanks to intelligent technology stretch in all four directions.
    Provide a nice streamlined shape.
    Specially reinforced belt gives the effect of a flat stomach.
    Model fitting around the hips and lift the buttocks - push-up effect
    NOTE !!! First impression is that they seem to be too small in relation to its size but they have to be very tight in order to properly fulfill their functions.
    ITOFINISH KELP -material which are made leggings has the microcapsules containing the three main components that allow you to moisturize the skin and fight the cases of cellulite.
    KELP-Cosmetic extracts from algae: Fucus vesiculosus and Chondurus Crispus help improve tone and firmness of the skin by increasing metabolism, due to the high content of iodine GOTU KOLA-extract-herbal skin care stimulates the body to increase the production of substances that the body needs to maintain the collagen fibers in the place.
    GINKGO BILBO-ekstract herbal strengthens blood vessels, helping to maintain open arteries in a good circulation of the blood and oxygen supply to the skin thus retains the collagen fibers shrunk It should be noted that the construction of the knitted plays a very important role in combating cellulite gives massage effect during the movement, at the same time controllably released to the skin cosmetic active ingredients.
    Tight clothing, respectively wyfasonowane that cause controlled compression greatly help fight signs of cellulite.

    31.62 €

  • Lavender V-5072 garter belt

    Impressive garter belt Lavender V-5072. Swimsuit is made from slightly transparent tulle in the color plum pink. Decorated with stylish embroidery and subtle bows. The belt is fastened at the back with hooks and has adjustable garter straps.
    Composition: 67% polyester, 31% poliamiad, 2% elastane.

    37.99 €

  • American Dream V-5982 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt American Dream V-5982. Delicate flounce made ​​of chiffon front decorated with openwork lace and black bows. Shiny satin ribbons add chic. Pas very nicely emphasizes feminine shapes. Garter straps are adjustable.

    43.87 €

  • American Beauty V-5972 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt American Beauty V-5972. Ruffles on the sides are sewn with delicate white chiffon. Front decorated with stylish embroidery. Two black bows. Garter straps are adjustable and also decorated with black bows.

    43.87 €

  • 29.41 €

  • Carmelia garter belt

    Elegant garter belt Caramelia. Made from soft, soft embroidered tulle. Garter straps are adjustable, nieodpinane.

    24.26 €

  • 07 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt in black. Made from transparent fabric and fastened with three hooks. has a three-regulating circuit. In the middle and at the bottom are small black bows to the application of the zircons. Suspender buckles with adjustable length.
    Fabric: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.

    18.38 €

  • 09 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt in white. Made from transparent fabric. Fastened with three hooks. The front decorated with floral lace. In the middle of an ornamental bow.

    18.38 €

  • 11 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt in beige color. Made from soft, flexible touch material. On the back fastened with floor hooks. The whole is finished in black, decorative band. The front and sides of the decorative bow.

    18.38 €

  • 08 garter belt

    Elegant garter belt from the latest collection of lingerie manufacturer D Karen. The belt was sewn from a combination of two colors: black and red. The front of the beautiful flower embroidery in the color red and sensual. Decoration in the form of delicate black satin bows with small red roses in the middle.

    19.36 €

  • Wedding Princessa 08 Code 192 Stockings

    "Wedding Collection" is the newest line of tights and stockings Gabriella designed for young virgins.
    Patterned, thin, slightly transparent stockings with the addition of Lycra. Lace 9 cm with double silicone band. Invisible stepping on toes.

    Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

    14.46 €

  • Avila Code 184 Tights

    Exclusive pantyhose la stockings made ​​from Lycra fibers double braided silk, polyamide. Without marked panties part, with cotton gusset, flat seam.

    Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

    13.48 €

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