• Sargerita set

    Sargerita set

    Set of Sargerita lingerie. The set includes bra, garter belt and thong. Lingerie in black -...

    33.99 €

  • Roanna chemise

    Roanna chemise

    Cute, elegant Roanna shirt. Front decorated with beautiful floral embroidery. At the junction of...

    31.54 €

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  • Vinaya chemise

    Vinaya chemise

    Provocative chemise is made of airy, black material. The set includes a thong.Composition: 82%...

    24.21 € (-10%)

    21.76 €

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  • Dorado V-5874 Stockings

    Luxury stockings Dorado V-5874. Type of fishnet stockings. Top finished with elegant lace stockings.

    33.01 €

  • Asteroide V-5902 garter belt

    Exclusive garter belt Asteroide V-5902 Axami collection. Front sewn from elegant lace decorated with shiny gold-colored threads. Ribbon lacing allows you to adjust the waist to the figure. Decorating with black satin bows. The sides and back are made of slightly translucent material.

    48.66 €

  • Black Stockings PVC

    Black, thick stockings with PVC zipper and small lacing.

    43.77 €

  • Tights Black

    Shiny black tights with a notch in the step. Made in Poland.
    Size: S / M Chest 96-112.
    Size: L / XL Chest 112-130.
    20 DEN, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

    14.43 €

  • Tights White

    Shiny white tights with cut-in step. Made in Poland.
    Size: S / M Chest 96-112.
    Size: L / XL Chest 112-130.
    20 DEN, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

    14.43 €

  • Tights

    Shiny tan pantyhose with a notch in the step. Made in Poland.
    Size: S / M Chest 96-112.
    Size: L / XL Chest 112-130.
    20 DEN, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

    14.43 €

  • Veronica leggins maternity

    Stylish and comfortable leggings for the future we have.
    - Comfortable elastic waist
    - Front pockets
    - Rear pocket imitation
    - Legs wide welt completed
    - From the inside lined with a soft plush
    - Flexible material
    - Thickness of 200 DEN

    Composition: 85% polyester, 15% elastane.

    37.90 €

  • Marea V-5944 Stockings

    Exclusive stockings Marea V-5944 with elegant Axami lingerie collection. Top finished with a wide belt and decorated with black and red lace. Very nice showy flowers bloom on the thighs. Stockings for elegant and stylish women.

    33.99 €

  • Corona Australe V-5802 garter belt

    Elegant and sexy garter belt Corona Australe V-5802 with luxury lingerie collection Axami. On the sides of the belt was sewn with elegant openwork lace. At the top two strips emphasizing sensuous hips. In the middle of a black satin bow. The belt in the back is fastened with hooks.

    48.66 €

  • Jade V-5634 stockings

    Stockings Jade V-5634 is a stocking from the exclusive collection of Axami. At the top, completed a very elegant designs. This model underwear for stylish and sensual women.
    Composition: 88% polyester, 12% spandex.

    33.99 €

  • Musca Stockings

    Very elegant stockings Musca. Top finished with a beautiful burgundy, flower lace. Stockings look sexy and stylish.
    84% nylon, 14% elastane

    16.87 €

  • S802 Stockings Black

    Sexy stockings S802 in black. Top decorated with elegant lace. Stockings are flexible and nicely fit to the body. They are not self-supporting.
    Composition: 84% nylon, 16% elastane)

    15.89 €

  • S803 Stockings White

    White stockings Obsessive S803. Very elegant stockings adorned at the top of a wide, lace with a floral motif. Stockings are flexible, nicely fit to the body. Stockings are not self-supporting.
    Composition: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex

    15.89 €

  • Elise garter belt

    Richly decorated garter belt made ​​of flexible microfiber and beautiful, slightly shiny lace in a floral pattern. It has a durable fasteners, so that keeps the stockings throughout the day. With special materials slightly shapes hips and abdomen. Very comfortable. Perfectly presented in a set of bra and panties Elise.

    Composition: 60% polyamide, 20% polyester, 13% cotton, 7% elastane.

    20.78 €

  • Trinity leggings

    Leggings with long legs for active women. Practical pockets. In May waist comfortable, large eraser. On the back mesh inserts. Leggings great stress bottom. Pants are made ​​from a flexible material that allows the skin to breathe and wicks moisture. Thickness 200DEN.
    Composition: 85% polyester, 15% spandex.

    33.99 €


    SLIMMING CAPRI CLIMAline - women's fashion leggings for "capri" knee, slimming.
    SLIMMING CAPRI CLIMAline collection of Fitness & Sport is an extremely comfortable leggings 3/4 length optically slimming, wysmuklają and model figure. They are a great choice for active women. They can be successfully used for a variety of sports and every day. Melaza color fits many styling. High state leggings, a broad belt, helps to hide shortcomings in the crucial figure in the body, which is the waist. Used sewing leggings technology of flat seams prevents chafing of the skin.
    High-end knit CLIMAline made in modern technology Archroma® wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving it dry even during intense physical exertion and thus increasing comfort. The material is pleasant to the touch, flexible and long retains its properties. Knitted fabric structure provides adequate elongation, a perfect fit to the body while providing freedom of movement. Pleasant to the touch like a second skin, which guarantees a feeling of comfort.
    Key features leggings SLIMMING CAPRI CLIMAline
    moisture from the skin
    breathable fiber
    pleasant to the touch fabric
    retains its properties for a long time
    good thermal properties
    optimum cooling of the skin
    quick-drying material
    easy-care material pleasant to the touch
    resistance to pilling
    easy to use
    flexible fiber
    guarantee maximum comfort and freedom of movement
    stretchability in two directions
    returns to the original shape
    perfectly matching up
    check during each exercise
    Optical slim figure
    the maximum feeling of comfort
    high state
    wide belt at the waist
    3/4 length
    95% polyester, 5% elastane
    270g / m2

    37.90 €

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