• Dress Darien

    Dress Darien

    Black glossy mini dress. Deep neckline at the back, short sleeves. 90% polyester, 10% elastane.

    38.08 €

  • Mandy set

    Mandy set

    A satin set consisting of a t-shirt and shorts. The top and bottom are decorated with delicate...

    27.03 €

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  • Vinaya chemise

    Vinaya chemise

    Provocative chemise is made of airy, black material. The set includes a thong.Composition: 82%...

    24.32 € (-10%)

    21.87 €

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  • Cintia garter belt

    Elegant high Cintia garter belt. Front decorated with stylish embroidery.

    27.03 €

  • Tao V-6082 garter belt

    Elegant, stylish high garter belt V-6082 Tao. The belt in sensory red color. In front of pretty lace in floral patterns. It passes through the center of a black ribbon corset lacing. Decoration in the form of black bows. Vertical whalebone optically slimming silhouette and give it a slender look. Tao belt has adjustable straps and fastening at the back-stage hooks.
    Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% elastane.

    46.44 €

  • Tiffany V-6002 garter belt

    Elegant Tiffany garter belt V-6002 in white is the perfect complement many a creation. Front sewn from beautiful decorative lace and the back of translucent, delicate tulle. Decoration in the form of bows. Closure on the back of three-two hooks. Straps are adjustable and removable.
    Composition: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane.

    36.61 €

  • Manolo V-6094 stockings

    Exclusive stockings Manolo V-6094. Type of fishnet stockings. They finished with a very elegant lace.

    29.48 €

  • Manolo V-6092 garter belt

    Beautiful, exclusive Manolo garter belt V-6092. The elegant lace adorned the front of the underwear. In the middle of decorative small flower. The belt has a vertical underwire, adjustable straps and two-step fastening hooks on the back. Manolo belt will be a perfect finish each creation.
    Composition: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex.

    43.98 €

  • High Heels V-6072 garter belt

    Exclusive high garter belt High Heels V-6072. In front of a red ribbon tied so it can easily fit to the body. The belt is decorated with red bows. Adjustable straps and underwire vertical. On the back of a two-step fastening hooks. Underwear Made from high quality materials.
    Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% elastane.

    46.44 €

  • Asteroide V-5902 garter belt

    Exclusive garter belt V-5902 Asteroide from the collection Axami. Front sewn from elegant lace decorated with shiny threads in golden color. Lacing with a ribbon allows you to adjust the waist to the figures. Decorating with black satin bows. The sides and back are made of slightly translucent material.


    48.89 € (-30%)

    34.15 €

  • Amber V-5722 garter belt

    Exclusive high garter belt V-5722 Amber. Richly decorated, sewn from a combination of elegant lace and delicate tulle. In front of fancy bond, you can freely lace. Bows add grace and charm. Garter belt is adjustable garter straps. On the back of a two-step fastening hooks. Amber belt is very chic and elegant making every woman feel like a movie star.
    Composition: 91% polyamide, 5% elastane, 4% viscose

    43.98 €

  • Corona Boreale V-5822 garter belt

    Corona Boreale V-5822 is an exclusive garter belt from the collection Axami. Sewn with delicate lace and soft tulle. Decorated with black bows. Straps are adjustable and removable. Three-clasp in two hooks. Corona Boreale belt will be a beautiful complement to any underwear.
    Composition: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane.

    36.61 €

  • Satellite V-5882 garter belt

    Exclusive Satellite garter belt V-5882. The belt was sewn from the highest quality materials. High and slimming belt. The combination of delicate tulle with black velvet. Beautifully decorated with subtly iridescent gold-colored dots. Top decorated with tulle flounce. Underwear is fastened with two-stage front hooks. Straps are unregulated. Belt very nicely modeled figure and masks minor imperfections and it looks phenomenal.
    Shine on and feel beautiful and seductive .....
    Composition: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.

    48.89 €

  • Open Tights Black

    Shiny black tights with seams and decorative cutout in stride.
    Size: S / M hips 96-112.
    Size: L / XLobwód hips 112-130
    Size: XXL 130 138. hips
    20 DEN, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
    Made in Poland.

    16.95 €

  • Shiny gray tights

    Shiny gray tights with cut in stride, with lace trim at pasie- silicon on the inside.
    Size: S / M Chest 90-150.
    Size: L / XL Chest 120-180.
    20 DEN, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
    Made in Poland.

    16.95 €

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