• Mask


    Black lace mask with holes for eyes. Tied back with a ribbon. 100% polyester.

    13.51 €

  • Dill chemise

    Dill chemise

    Material Composition: 100% COTTON

    24.32 €

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  • Shirley chemise black

    Shirley chemise black

    Extremely sensuous, romantic black t-shirt highlighting the beauty of the female body. Finished...

    34.15 € (-35%)

    21.87 €

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Panties, thong 1104 products

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  • Gwen panties

    Black panties decorated with a fanciful flounce and two large bows. Underwear Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% elastane.

    15.97 €

  • Feel Me thong

    Extremely sexy thong with decorative back are made of delicate lace. Front of elastic tulle.

    16.95 €

  • Evita thong

    Seductive, open strings made ​​of delicate embroidery. Thongs are adorned with two bows. Underwear Composition 80% Nylon, 20% elastane

    14.50 €

  • Charming thong

    Charming thong with a very nice cut, which gracefully adorn the buttocks. Featured floral design. Subtle, elegant and sensual. Incredible duet dark bright colors.

    16.46 €

  • Fanny shorts

    Seductive shorts are made of delicate lace. Ideal emphasize the beauty of feminine shapes. Tempt przejrzystościami panties. From the back of an extremely sexy.

    15.97 €

  • Warm Up thong

    Extremely sexy thongs made ​​of delicate lace. Overlays breasts are not included.

    14.50 €

  • Gizela panties

    The classic briefs made ​​from high quality fabrics. Rear panties completely smooth, in front of the two inserts made ​​of lovely lace. Briefs are comfortable and yet elegant. For the complete look jersey Gizela POLYAMIDE 85%, Spandex 15%,

    12.04 €

  • Gina panties

    Panties for men, a combination of elegance and comfort. Undoubted charm of this lace inserts add majteczkom on the sides. They emphasize the hips and high levels of comfort. POLYAMIDE 80%, Spandex 20%,

    12.04 €

  • Gala panties

    Very comfortable and elegant at the same time women's panties. The upper part is made of a combination of figs and delicate lace mesh. Sexy panties, while the present high levels of comfort. POLYAMIDE 78%, Spandex 18% VISCOSE 4%

    14.50 €

  • Courtesan V-4168 thong

    Classic pink thong. Sides of thin paseczkach.

    18.92 €

  • Courtesan V-4166 panties

    Extremely sexy, high-waisted briefs. Disguises imperfections and emphasize the feminine shape. The front pink inset. The rest of the panty is made of soft, flexible black tulle. Back crinkled.

    22.60 €

  • Courtesan V-4163 panties

    Elegant figs. Pink front, back is made of transparent tulle gently. Ideal model emphasizes hip.

    21.87 €

  • Dauphine V-4076 panties

    Comfortable and elegant, high-waisted briefs. Disguises imperfections and emphasize the feminine shape. Front decorated with beautiful lace.

    20.39 €

  • Dauphine V-4073 panties

    Briefs resulting from the merger of two contrasting colors beige and black. Back smooth. Front delicately decorated, plus the boczkach wrinkled.

    20.39 €

  • Dame V-4038 thong

    Elegant women's thong in beige and black.

    17.69 €

  • 808 panties

    Delightful, smooth panties, which complement the lace motifs. Cute lingerie that wonderfully highlight your hips. Do not delay order today! Composition: 91% polyamide, 4% elastane, 5% cotton.

    16.46 €

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