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  • Talia corset corrective black, white or beige

    Corset correction. Silhouette slims and shapes using special baleen. From inside the finished cotton ensures comfort. The whole is elegant, yet very functional.

    37.90 €

  • Elite IV shorts white, black or white

    Seamless underwear corrective. Figs your perfectly slender silhouette, providing an attractive appearance. Accordingly flattens tummy and hips, waist emphasize, raise the buttocks, slims thighs. With seamless technology products carefully adhere to the body - which gives the effect of quot; second skóryquot;. There are distinguished by the clothes - ensuring discretion and comfort noszenia.wykonane are breathable, more layered knits. Her weave provides moisture to the outside, keeping the skin dry. Finishing of cotton fabric on the inside gives a nice, gentle grip. The outer shell satin slip qualities suited to facilitate the laying of the garments. Ingredients: 2% cotton, 88% Nylon, 10% elastane.

    26.41 €

  • Elise shorts modeling white or black

    Ladies who have a problem so. double hip will feel best in ELISE - bestseller, corrective reforms are made of thin and airy, but very strong Microfibre. Ideally, the line model hips and thighs while flattening the stomach. Long legs, ending in front of your knees, prevents annoying scratches effects. Silicone used while the bottom leg - lingerie slipping during use.

    26.41 €

  • Wawa shorts modeling white, black or beige

    WAWA is a reform model slightly stronger and more built-up, made from cotton with elastane. Front knitted fabric reinforced polyamide, the line shapes hips, flatten the tummy.

    23.96 €

  • Rea II shorts-thong modeling white or black

    High thong made of microfiber. Strong front knit shapes tummy and hips. Composition: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane.

    24.21 €

  • Light Up thong

    A unique string that will delight the look. Designed with elastic straps cascade, topped by a delicate, tulle flounce. Unusual styling that stands out from other proposals. Complemented with a tiny bow.

    14.43 €

  • Lazy Girl thong

    Unforgettable, flowery ornament, which hypnotizes look ... Lazy Girl lingerie is a very feisty character who is not afraid to emphasize sexy buttocks. Bellies on thin, sparse, flexible paseczkach. Provocative as any woman who occasionally likes to wear something really alluring.

    16.87 €

  • Iva panties

    Sexy panties of exclusive Italian lace. Panties decorated with a fanciful red ribbon. Underwear Composition 80% Nylon, 20% elastane

    16.87 €

  • Imagine shorts

    Seductive shorts are made of delicate lace and transparent tulle. Ideal emphasize the beauty of feminine shapes. Tempt przejrzystościami panties. From the back of an extremely sexy. Front of transparent mesh.

    16.87 €

  • Gwen panties

    Black panties decorated with a fanciful flounce and two large bows. Underwear Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% elastane.

    15.89 €

  • Feel Me thong

    Extremely sexy thong with decorative back are made of delicate lace. Front of elastic tulle.

    16.87 €

  • Evita thong

    Seductive, open strings made ​​of delicate embroidery. Thongs are adorned with two bows. Underwear Composition 80% Nylon, 20% elastane

    14.43 €

  • Charming thong

    Charming thong with a very nice cut, which gracefully adorn the buttocks. Featured floral design. Subtle, elegant and sensual. Incredible duet dark bright colors.

    16.38 €

  • Fanny shorts

    Seductive shorts are made of delicate lace. Ideal emphasize the beauty of feminine shapes. Tempt przejrzystościami panties. From the back of an extremely sexy.

    15.89 €

  • Warm Up thong

    Extremely sexy thongs made ​​of delicate lace. Overlays breasts are not included.

    14.43 €

  • Gizela panties

    The classic briefs made ​​from high quality fabrics. Rear panties completely smooth, in front of the two inserts made ​​of lovely lace. Briefs are comfortable and yet elegant. For the complete look jersey Gizela POLYAMIDE 85%, Spandex 15%,

    11.98 €

  • Gina panties

    Panties for men, a combination of elegance and comfort. Undoubted charm of this lace inserts add majteczkom on the sides. They emphasize the hips and high levels of comfort. POLYAMIDE 80%, Spandex 20%,

    11.98 €

  • Gala panties

    Very comfortable and elegant at the same time women's panties. The upper part is made of a combination of figs and delicate lace mesh. Sexy panties, while the present high levels of comfort. POLYAMIDE 78%, Spandex 18% VISCOSE 4%

    14.43 €

  • Courtesan V-4168 thong

    Classic pink thong. Sides of thin paseczkach.

    18.83 €

  • Courtesan V-4166 panties

    Extremely sexy, high-waisted briefs. Disguises imperfections and emphasize the feminine shape. The front pink inset. The rest of the panty is made of soft, flexible black tulle. Back crinkled.

    22.49 €

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