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  • Gabrielle skirt

    Gabrielle skirt

    Elegant patchwork skirt in any color. With back zipper. Modern design allows you to connect it...

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    31.77 €

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  • Annika panties or thong

    String Annika Latte
    Thongs of cut slightly built entirely made of elastic fabric in beige color intensive. On the back was inserted fancy embroidery element of stability in a uniform beige color. The lines also emphasize the waist with elastic inserts Italian embroidery. In addition, the front decorated with narrow guipure. Back thong finished seam, and the front and waist rubber lace.
    Panties Annika Latte
    Classic panties made of elastic fabric in beige color intensive. Hip line emphasizes transparent Italian embroidery on both sides of the briefs, the front embroidered shirt gipiurka made ​​in Italy. Legs finished with back seam and front and waist rubber lace.

    17.00 €

  • Qechua thong

    Sexy lace thong for women who appreciate elegance and comfort. Lovely rear attracts attention ... everyone! Sides and back with a nice body, shimmering lace. On the back of the bow and shiny piping.

    14.53 €

  • Marinera thong

    Seductive thong, made ​​of soft and delicate to the touch microfiber, which perfectly adapts to the body and does not cause oppression. The upper part of panties decorated with pleated tulle and tiny detachable bow. Front smooth, rear stingy in the letter Y.

    16.01 €

  • Maracato thong

    Elegant stringo-shorts with striped tulle, tiny bow at the back - extremely sexy.

    16.01 €

  • Eco-Te shorts

    Extremely comfortable shorts that will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Made of cozy cotton nogaweczki nice, fleshy decorated with lace. The model is designed for women who love comfort and convenience. Composition: 90% cotton, 7% elastane, 3% polyamide.

    11.82 €

  • Carimbo thong

    Thongs for women made ​​of thin mesh decorated with a red ribbon and the added charm of the back of a red bow.

    11.58 €

  • Didu panties

    Comfortable, perfectly fitting to the body panties for women. Model of low-cut lines, seductively shows off the hip line. Front is adorned with delicate patterned tulle, and trimmed with microfiber upper part. Back in double tulle ... You have to have them! Composition: 83% polyamide, 17% elastane.

    17.00 €

  • Eco-Si panties

    Full briefs, built with high-quality organic cotton with Lycra, sides, openwork lace inserts. Back smooth.

    13.55 €

  • Eco-Re panties

    Very comfortable panties for women, beautifully decorated in the upper part of the sides of the chaplet. Made of soft microfiber, in a central location in the inset stripes. Adhere perfectly to the body and correct fitting. Slightly higher state. Satisfy more than one woman ... Composition: 90% cotton, 7% elastane, 3% polyamide.

    13.55 €

  • Eco-Ti panties

    Very comfortable panties for women, beautifully decorated on top of the imitation lace paseczka that emphasize the hips sensually. Made of cotton, perfectly adhere. Slightly lower state. Note! Invoice lace differs from that in the photo - symmetrically arranged flowers and small circles. The edges of the lace wavy. Composition: 90% cotton, 7% elastane, 3% polyamide.

    12.07 €

  • Fiki panties

    Smooth, flexible panties giving the impression of a double side by tulle inserts, which are original embroidered patterns.

    17.00 €

  • Eco-Di panties

    Panties for women, built. Front made of fabric with fine rib, sides, decorative lace inserts. Back smooth, high-quality organic cotton with Lycra.

    13.55 €

  • Eco-El panties

    Very comfortable panties for women, smooth, without ornamentation. The model is made of high quality, organic cotton. Edge of the leg panty seamless, laser cut. Composition: 86% cotton, 14% spandex.

    13.55 €

  • Maracca thong

    Sexy thong with a thin mesh front with embroidered pajączkami.Łączące two strips on the back of combine in August with two embroidered kwiatuszkami.

    13.30 €

  • Tanga thong

    Thongs, whose front is full, smooth, and the back is adorned with delicate embroidery sensual.

    14.53 €

  • Floe panties

    Very feminine panties full of classic fashion. Front is spun, tulle mesh with glittering embroidery. Back smooth microfiber top of rupture, lined with mesh and sensually laced. Model incredibly fascinating. Composition: 83% polyamide, 17% elastane.

    17.00 €

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