• 815-CST-1 bunny costume

    815-CST-1 bunny costume

    The costume of the bunny: - Bunny costume, babydoll and spicy set in one! - Translucent mesh...

    40.54 €

  • Black catsuit

    Black catsuit

    Seamless catsuit made of delicate, elastic mesh. Cutting in step.Material: 100% polyamide.

    20.88 €

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  • Lena padded bra white

    Lena padded bra white

    Classic, elegant bra designed for women with larger breasts. Ideally, breast collects and holds...

    24.32 € (-42%)

    14.00 €

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Panties, thong 1109 products

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  • 105 panties

    Full briefs made from high quality bawełny.Doskonale adhere to the body, giving a sense of comfort and convenience. Sides and inserts in the back decorated with fancy lace motif. Ideally emphasize women's strengths.
    Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.

    15.97 €

  • 107 shorts

    Excellent shorts made from soft cotton with elastic fibers. Legs finished with a lovely lace.
    Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex.

    15.97 €

  • 150 shorts

    Sexy, lacy shorts for women.
    - Entirely made of sensual lace
    - The front is adorned with delicate satin bow
    - Narrow Goods waist wide
    - Model adheres perfectly to the body, giving a sense of comfort and convenience
    - Made of high quality cotton

    Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.

    15.97 €

  • 41 panties

    Briefs are made of cotton with elastane, making it ideal flat. Adds a special charm of ornate floral lace motif. Back smooth, uniform.
    Composition: 95% cotton 5% elastane

    13.51 €

  • 55 shorts

    Cotton boxer shorts, which perfectly raise and highlight the feminine shapes. Edged nice, fleshy, subtle lace. Adhere perfectly to the body, giving a feeling of comfort and convenience. Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

    15.97 €

  • 45 thong

    Wonderful, richly decorated with delicate and tasteful lace thong is made from the finest cotton species. The back is made with lovely lace, which also adorns the front of the insert interesting. Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

    13.51 €

  • Stella Maris V-5838 thong

    Stella Maris fancy thong V-5838 Axami collection. Panties are sewn with beautiful lace. The front lace gently exposing the body. On the back of the decorative bow.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

    23.34 €

  • Cassiopea V-5848 thong

    Sensual thong Cassiopea V-5848. Strings are in red. Made of delicate lace in floral patterns. The front lacing. Eye-catching rear panty is made of thin strips and decorated with flowers. Sexy lingerie on hot evenings.
    Composition: 82% polyamide, 10% cotton, 8% spandex.

    23.34 €

  • Dorado V-5878 thong

    Elegant thong Dorado V-5878 Axami collection. The front is sewn with chic lace with floral embroidery, interspersed with shiny gold-colored thread. The sides and back of the pants made of soft, lightweight material. On the back of decorative black satin bow.

    24.32 €

  • Asteroide V-5908 thong

    Asteroide sexy thong V-5908. The front made from elegant lace adorned with shiny gold-colored thread. Spicy cleavage finished at the top of a black satin bow. The sides and back made of tulle ruffles two. At the rear notch and coquettish bow.

    27.03 €

  • Meteorite V-5893 panties

    Meteorite panties Sexy V-5893 from Axami. The front is sewn with elegant lace in floral patterns. The sides and back are delicate and transparent tulle. The sides of the front pleated and decorated with thin strips. Noteworthy back revealing panty bottom. In the middle of a black bow.

    24.32 €

  • Fenice V-5968 thong

    Fenice sexy thong V-5968 Axami collection. The front is sewn with elegant lace with red floral patterns. On both sides of decorative ruffles and flirty thin strips.

    24.32 €

  • Fenice V-5963 panties

    Very elegant panties Fenice Axami V-5963. Panties are made from delicate, translucent mesh and finished with beautiful lace in a red floral patterns. On the back of decorative black bow.

    28.26 €

  • Carina V-5868 thong

    Carina sexy thong V-5868 Axami collection. The front is sewn with elegant lace with a floral motif. On the side of three flirty, elastic straps. On the side of the decorative satin bow. Back interlaced stripes.

    23.34 €

  • 1209 panties

    Elegant women's panties.
    - The front panels of beautiful lace and mesh
    - Back of smooth microfiber
    - Leg finished with a subtle Narrow Goods
    vSkład: 91% polyamide, 5% cotton, 4% elastane.

    16.95 €

  • Sonia panties

    Elegant figs. On the side of the decorative inset. The back is smooth.

    13.51 €

  • 13.51 €

  • 16.95 €

  • Marea V-5948 thong

    Marea sexy thong V-5948. The sides and back are sewn with an elegant black-and-red koroonki. Red flowers beautifully painted on the panties. On the back of sensual lacing. Front made of soft material and decorated with three black bows. In step savory slit.

    19.16 €

  • Magma V-5958 thong

    Elegant thong Magma V-5958. Front sewn from soft tiulu.zdobienie in the form of bows. The sides are made of elegant black and red lace. Stripes on the sides frivolous. On the back of ass sexy cutout. Thongs are spicy cut in stride.

    24.32 €

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