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  • Villa Blanca S-2003/4 thong

    Cute thong Villa Blanca. Entirely made of soft fabric in bright blue dots on the front of the milk-colored inset with blue radio boxes. Knit slightly wraps and conforms to the female body. Complementing przeuroczych string two inserts walansjenki and bow.
    Composition: 76% polyamide, 17% spandex, 7% cotton

    17.21 €

  • Gijon S-2029/4 thong

    The combination of knit and knit patterned uniform in the central part of the string and airy, elastic lace gently laying on the hips and buttocks creates eye-catching thong Gijon. The whole is maintained in a mocha color with accents of burgundy. Legs on the front line finished decorative tape.
    Composition: 64% Nylon, 16% Spandex, 10% modal, 7% cotton, 3% polyester

    17.21 €

  • Alicante S-2004/4 thong

    Charming thong Alicante. Entirely made of soft fabric in a trendy blue box. On boczkach fancy lace inserts. Knit adapts perfectly to the female body. Finish line tape decorative legs. Complementing przeuroczych is pink bow string.
    Composition: 75% polyamide, 18% elastane, 7% cotton

    17.21 €

  • String 2347

    Cracked thong with delicate lace with pink bows. Whet his appetite. Color: black and pink.

    14.71 €

  • Intensa double thong

    Intesa double thong - made from elegant lace. Around the hips pass two thin strips, decorated with bows.
    Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex

    17.21 €

  • Intensa thong

    Intensa is a sexy, lacy thong with a delicate floral pattern. On the back of decorating. Thongs are sewn of soft and comfortable material.
    Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex

    17.21 €

  • Fiorenta shorts

    Fiorentina shorts made from elastic mesh with floral motif. Front nicely decorated with lace. Over the bum flirty cutout decorated with bow and pearl. Edged with delicate lace.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

    17.21 €

  • Carol shorts

    Seductive and charming - this joint CAROL. Deep black elastic lace that makes you become coquettish and mysterious.
    - Flexible black lace
    - Front with satin
    - Cotton pad

    Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.

    17.21 €

  • Connie panties

    Charming panties in black.
    - Sides and back of delicate lace
    - Front and rear seductive crack decorated with fanciful przeplatanką

    Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.

    17.21 €

  • Danusia midi 3-pak panties

    Classic women's panties.
    - Full cut
    - Slightly heightened state
    - Top finished with a decorative Narrow Goods
    - 3 pieces per pack

    Composition: 100% cotton.

    17.21 €

  • Lena bokser panties

    Comfortable women's panties.
    - Full cut
    - At the front inset with lace
    - Panties made of silky cotton

    Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.

    13.72 €

  • K198 Blanche panties

    Classic briefs in white. Made of smooth, elastic fabric. The front is adorned with delicate embroidery. Back smooth. The edges of the finished Narrow Goods.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 7% elastane, 3% polyester

    17.21 €

  • 188 Arabica panties

    Elegant briefs available in three colors. Made of smooth, elastic fabric. Sides decorated with delicate lace. Back smooth. The edges of the finished Narrow Goods.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 7% elastane, 3% polyester

    17.21 €

  • K206 Viviane panties

    Classic full briefs. Made from a soft, slightly shiny knit elastic. Decorated in the middle of the insert with embroidered knitwear and in the middle of a delicate bow. Legs finished with a delicate, decorative elastic band.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 7% elastane, 3% polyester.

    17.21 €

  • Mela panties

    Combination of minimal forms with surprising details and exceptional comfort. Front is decorated with lovely embroidery and delicate lace. How and back down smooth and satin bow adds charm adorns the front Fig. These expectations of the modern woman meets a collection of award-sensory figs growing in popularity among women. Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex.

    18.70 €

  • Abra panties

    Mad girls panties made of soft material and provided with lots of lace! The same sweetness!

    17.21 €

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