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Ideally suited to a woman's figure thanks to intelligent technology stretch in all four directions.
Provide a nice streamlined shape.
Specially reinforced belt gives the effect of a flat stomach.
Model fitting around the hips and lift the buttocks - push-up effect
NOTE !!! First impression is that they seem to be too small in relation to its size but they have to be very tight in order to properly fulfill their functions.
ITOFINISH KELP -material which are made leggings has the microcapsules containing the three main components that allow you to moisturize the skin and fight the cases of cellulite.
KELP-Cosmetic extracts from algae: Fucus vesiculosus and Chondurus Crispus help improve tone and firmness of the skin by increasing metabolism, due to the high content of iodine GOTU KOLA-extract-herbal skin care stimulates the body to increase the production of substances that the body needs to maintain the collagen fibers in the place.
GINKGO BILBO-ekstract herbal strengthens blood vessels, helping to maintain open arteries in a good circulation of the blood and oxygen supply to the skin thus retains the collagen fibers shrunk It should be noted that the construction of the knitted plays a very important role in combating cellulite gives massage effect during the movement, at the same time controllably released to the skin cosmetic active ingredients.
Tight clothing, respectively wyfasonowane that cause controlled compression greatly help fight signs of cellulite.
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