• Lovely thong V-988

    Lovely thong V-988

    Charming thong ecru, embellished purple - green - yellow floral embroidery. Thongs come from the...

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  • Viki chemise (various colours)

    Lovely nighty Viki from D Karen. Lingerie was sewn from soft, comfortable material. In the middle of the cups wrinkling. Top of the cups and down shirts decorated with elegant black lace. Under the breast elastic lace interwoven ribbon. T-shirt fits very nicely to the body and emphasizes feminine shapes.

    33.17 €

  • Sali Chemise

    Pretty, delicate chemise from the collection of Hall D Karen. T-shirt is made ​​of satin. Bowls profiled. In the middle of the cups adorned with elegant lace with floral embroidery. Thin shoulder straps and regulowne.

    34.15 €

  • Erna Set

    Comfortable nightwear set Erna from D Karen. The set consists of a shirt and shorts. Shorts and T-shirt are made ​​from comfortable, soft viscose. T-shirt has short sleeves, neckline in the form of a "wave". Shorts for three quarters of a length of elbow pockets. The shirt is a different color and shorts in another.

    40.54 €

  • Viki Robe Long (various colours)

    Elegant bathrobe Viki from the collection of producer D Karen. Soft, comfortable longer. Side pockets, tied at the waist.

    48.89 €

  • Velma Robe Long (various colours)

    Elegant long robe Velma from the collection of D Karen. Robe has side pockets and is tied at the waist. Made from soft and comfortable cotton 80% and polyester 20%.

    43.00 €

  • Inga Soft Robe (various colours)

    Comfortable, soft bathrobe Inga from producer underwear D Karen. Bathrobe with hood great gently wraps itself around the body. Sleeves have cuffs and side pockets. Tied at the waist.
    Composition: 80% cotton, 20% poilester

    39.07 €

  • Etna Soft Robe

    Elegant bathrobe Etna from the collection of D Karen. Made from soft cotton 80% and polyester 20%. Side pockets. Tied at the waist. The proposal for women who appreciate style and comfort.

    38.33 €

  • Eliza Supersoft Robe Long Red

    Soft, warm long robe Eliza in red from D Karen. Made from comfortable material of very high quality. Bathrobe is comfortable collar, two pockets on the sides and sleeves with cuffs. The waist tied with a string. The length robe is approximately 120cm.

    48.89 €

  • Eliza Supersoft Robe Red

    Warm, comfortable and squishy robe Eliza in red. Bathrobe has a collar and two pockets on the sides. Sleeves with cuffs. Tied at the waist belt. The length robe around 90cm

    45.45 €

  • Diana Supersoft Robe Red

    Long, soft bathrobe Diana from D Karen in red. Warm, comfortable is the perfect choice for people who do not like cold. Bathrobe has a nice comfortable hood. Side pockets. Sleeves with cuffs. Tied at the waist belt. The length robe is approximately 120cm. Swimsuit is made of very soft material of high quality.

    48.89 €

  • Winona chemise

    Pretty comfortable t-shirt to sleep in a creamy color. T-shirt with a comfortable short sleeves. Made of high quality viscose, which is very nicely adapts to the body. T-shirt has a deep, sexy neckline trimmed with elegant lace in a contrasting color. Bottom shirt is finished with a flirty cut decorative wrinkling.

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  • 24h

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  • Lena Set

    Cute girly set of underwear to sleep. Was sewn pajamas with a relaxed, soft and skin-friendly cotton. Top pajamas are lightweight and comfortable jersey sleeveless top. Bottom are the shorts that leg obszyto elegant white lace. The waist drawstring orz gumeczka convenient to download. Pajamas for women who value convenience.

    24.32 €

  • Violet V-5029 chemise

    Transparent tulle, intricately wrinkled on one side front shirt Violet V-5029, and a delicate frill at the bottom of the shirt adds lightness and charm. In contrast, a combination of trendy plum color with the delicacy of fabrics and original embroidery makes it a model of subtle and sophisticated.
    The set of strings.
    Composition: 87% polyamide, 6% elastane, 6% polyester, 1% cotton.

    66.09 €

  • Diana Robe red

    Robe sewn with very soft high quality material. On the sides, two pockets. Sleeves with cuffs. Strap included. Length approx 90cm bathrobe. 100% Polyester

    48.89 €

  • 259 Set

    Sweet and yet beautiful, pink pajamas is perfect for all the ladies who appreciate above all comfort in the bedroom. Pajamas are made ​​from high quality viscose perfectly with the female body. Pink blouse with short sleeves decorative, finished with a decorative frills creates a unique style. Shorts, short legs also adorned with a delicate frill. I guarantee comfort and good sleep.
    composition: 80% Viscose, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex

    33.17 €

  • 264 pyjamas

    Very soft pajamas type Home Wear. You can watch her ​​favorite show, and at the same time perfectly relax during sleep. Two-piece, with a sleek emerald fashion pajamas. The neckline blouses so. boat, which, depending on the arrangement may reveal shoulder. Includes trousers 3/4, which have elastic at the waist. The ideal choice for women who like to feel elegant yet comfortable.
    Composition: 95% viscose, 5% elastane

    36.61 €

  • Sara pyjamas

    Women's pajamas with long pants and a T-shirt with long sleeves. The shoulders lace trim.

    24.32 €

  • Elle chemise

    Sensual seductive chemise przeźroczystościami. Bowls profiled, finished outside of elegant lace. From the inside lining of soft fabric (flexible). Striking the back of the crown in the upper part. Thin spaghetti straps with adjustable length. The front and rear striking wrinkle-tuck.
    Fabric: 88% polyester, 10% polyamide, 2% elastane.


    27.03 € (-10%)

    24.32 €

  • Try Me V-5419 chemise

    Cute chemise Try Me V-5419 is a combination of contrasting colors - beige and classic black. Fashion emphasize the natural beauty of your body and delicate fabrics ensure maximum comfort. The shirt is tied around the neck so that it can fit very nicely to the body. The set of strings.

    46.44 €

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