• Mask Golden

    Mask Golden

    13.45 €

  • Shannon thong

    Shannon thong

    Elegant Shannon panties in navy-gold color. Decorated with beautiful floral embroidery. In the...

    14.43 €

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  • Maricel chemise

    Maricel chemise

    Chemise in a delicate pink color with black spots. Bottom adorned with elegant black lace....

    24.21 € (-10%)

    21.76 €

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  • Aggie chemise

    Alluring, sensual set two part which includes a T-shirt and a thong. Top T-shirts made of soft, transparent tulle and sensual lace, decorated with jewel symilką. Back t-shirts cut in the shape of a triangle decorated with lace. Bottom finished with elastic lace. Adjustable straps.
    100% polyester

    29.34 €

  • Adela 115 set

    Viscose babydoll consisting of boxer shorts with print and którkich shorts with small cutouts on the sides.Available color version: Top - ecru piping of coral, coral bottom with piping cream.

    26.89 €

  • Abigil set

    Viscose babydoll with short sleeves and shorts with small cutouts on the sides. All colors mountain is black, and change the color of the shorts.

    24.21 €

  • Admina 54 set

    Viscose babydoll consisting of boxer shorts with print and shorts with pockets.
    Available color version: Top - ecru with turquoise trim, Down the turquoise.

    29.10 €

  • Satinia babydoll pink

    Pink Satinia babydoll.
    - Made of satin in a particularly beautiful shade of pink
    - Adjustable shoulder straps - 100% comfort!
    - Tied at the back satin strap - easy fit to the silhouette!
    - Complete smooth strings
    - Soft, shiny fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

    31.54 €

  • Satinia babydoll black

    Black babydoll Satinia:
    - Flared shirt with shiny material
    - Seductive, deep blacks
    - Adjustable shoulder straps - comfort and perfect fit!
    - On the neckline subtle decoration with black guipure
    - On the back tied satin stripe - even easier to adapt to the figure
    - Matching shirts thong included
    - Pleasant to the touch fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

    31.54 €

  • Satinia Bathrobe Gray

    Bathrobe Satini:
    - Sewn from shiny material
    - Magnetizing, gray
    - Tied wide belt - easily unpack gift!
    - 3/4 sleeves with elegant decoration of black guipure
    - In thong
    - Delicate, soft fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

    43.77 €

  • Satinia Bathrobe Pink

    Shiny, pink bathrobe Satinia:
    - Sewn from beautiful pink satin
    - Wide belt tied
    - Elegant sleeves 3/4 length with decoration of black guipure
    - Complete total matching thong
    - Delicate, soft fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

    43.77 €

  • Satinia Bathrobe Black

    Bathrobe Satinia in a beautiful black color:
    - Sewn from shiny fabric
    - Tied wide, satin stripe - easily fit to the body and easily removed
    - 3/4 length sleeves
    - On the edges of sleeves elegant black lace inserts
    - Complete matching robe thong
    - Pleasant to the touch, soft material (95% polyester, 5% elastane)

    43.77 €

  • Amal chemise

    Lovely graceful chemise with short sleeves, which gives it a unique style and character. Chemise with undercut under the bust was made of cotton highlighting and exposing the beauty of feminine shapes. Halka has a deep neckline beautifully accented with lace and glamorous lace inserts exposing shoulders. Chemise certainly will appeal to many ladies who appreciate the convenience and comfort during sleep.

    24.21 €

  • Salome chemise

    Adorable cotton nightgown charming with its lightness and delicacy which is an ideal combination of comfort, convenience and elegance. Model of the undercut of the breasts eye-catching and impressive flirtatious neckline, finished with decorative lace in a contrasting color. Down shirts and sleeves accentuated spectacular subtle decorative wrinkling.

    26.89 €

  • Mara chemise

    Lovely graceful chemise which cut gives it a special and unique character, highlighting and exposing the beauty of feminine shapes. It has a very impressive inserts of transparent tulle at the neckline and the bottom finished with a decorative strip that adds a whole delicacy and subtlety. The model is made with a nice body viscose is the perfect blend of beauty, originality, convenience and charm.

    29.10 €

  • 26.89 €

  • 24.21 €

  • Zola set

    Adorable extremely delicate pajamas are perfect for warm nights. Pajamas up a T-shirt with thin straps with the undercut of the breasts and the lower part of the uniform shorts. Neckline and down the shorts are lined with impressive decorative ribbon suitable whole extremely delicate and subtle style.
    Pleasant to the touch material and perfectly polished style pajamas convenience and comfort.

    24.21 €

  • Emma robe

    Romantic yet incredibly sexy short robe emphasizes the advantages of the female body. Bathrobe made of soft satin is the essence of femininity in a very fashionable and impressive release. Bathrobe coquettishly tied at the waist has sleeves 3/4 length finished with delicate lace that adds a whole extraordinary subtlety and delicacy.
    The whole is a perfect blend of beauty, originality, convenience and charm.

    31.54 €

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