• Elle chemise

    Elle chemise

    Sensual seductive chemise przeźroczystościami. Bowls profiled, finished outside of elegant...

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Midnight Blue Set 8 pcs

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erotic playground set, consisting of 9 elements. There is practically everything: vibrators, orgasms balls, rings, erection, overlay and stimulators. Vibrator has a smooth adjustment of the vibration. The set includes: anal drill with handle (length - 23 cm, diameter - 1.5 cm), butt cap worn on the finger (length - 7 cm, diameter - 1 to 1.7 cm), masturbator in the shape of the mouth (length - 11 cm, diameter - universal), vibrating egg (length - 6 cm, diameter - 2.5 cm), orgasm balls (ribbon length - 21 cm, diameter of balls - 3.3 cm), silicone erection ring on the penis (length - 5.5 cm, diameter - 3 cm), double sided dildo (length - 18.5 cm, diameter - 2.5 to 3 cm), vibrator (length - 17.5 cm, diameter - 2.5 cm), silicone overlay on the penis or vibrator (length - 17 cm, diameter - 2 cm). # Material: Jelly / Plastic # Color: Blu
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Midnight Blue Set 8 pcs

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