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  • 84442 chemise

    84442 chemise

    Extremely feminine T-shirt brand Visti. Fitted shirt with a flexible plenu, decorated with cream...

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  • Lubrykant FruityLove czarna porzeczka/limonka 50ml

    Lubricant Fruity Love ™ is a long lasting lubricant for water-based flavored blackcurrant and lime. Capacity 50ml
    Natural and safe lubricant that provides long-lasting moisture, soft and gentle to the skin, non-irritating, easily flushing with water. The product contains only ingredients also used in the food industry. That is, they are completely non-toxic and completely harmless if ingested in small amounts. pH 4.5 does not disturb the fragile environment of the vagina and at the same time lowers the risk of infection. Lubricant does not contain parabens, which are often used preservative in cosmetics, and which can cause irritation and allergies.
    - Paraben-free - long-term effect and does not stick
    - Balanced PH
    - Easy to rinse off with water
    - Does not leave any traces
    - Safe for condoms
    Ingredients: Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid, flavorings, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

    14.46 €

  • HOT Twilight Intense Woman 5ml

    Scented pheromone spray for women. Intensive version concentrated. 5ml.

    21.81 €

  • Twilight man 5 ml

    Scented pheromone spray for men. Intensive version concentrated. 5ml.

    21.81 €

  • ANOS Special 30 ml Spray

    Spray anal cooling effect of soothing the skin and facilitate penetration. Soluble in water, 30 ml.

    21.81 €

  • Collar

    Studded leather collar with studs and a ring-shaped D front. Black Colour. Material: leather, metal (chrome).

    38.97 €

  • Metal Cuffs

    Handcuffs silver, metal, adjustable, with a secure opening. On the arms and legs with a long chain.

    41.42 €

  • Collar

    Set consisting of a collar (adjustable from 33 to 47 cm) and lead (length approx. 90 cm). Black. Material: leather, metal.

    24.26 €

  • Vinyl pillow

    Vinyl pillow case with dimensions of 80 x 80 cm. Black.
    Material: 100% polyvinyl chloride.

    21.81 €

  • Legs Cuffs Black

    Romantic, sensual and just a little bit naughty, charming fur cuffs on the legs of a collection of Fetish Fantasy. They are gentle and soft, they look extremely sexy. They are perfect for a gift.

    36.52 €

  • Black vinyl sheet 200x230cm

    Vinyl sheet measuring 200 cm x 230 cm.
    Material: 100% polyvinyl chloride

    34.07 €

  • Red, vinyl sheet 200x230cm

    Red vinyl sheet to the wet ground. Size: 200 x 230 cm.
    100% polyvinyl chloride

    34.07 €

  • Whip

    Leather whip in black.
    Handle length - approx. 20cm
    The length of the straps - 50cm
    The product was made very carefully with natural cowhide. This skin dressing is a method of traditional vegetable tannins in the oldest active in Poland tannery. This skin is very strong yet soft to the touch, and further characterized SIU exciting fragrance. It has a unique feature to adapt to the shape of the body and over time becomes nobility. Product very good species.

    21.81 €

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