• Baby bra push-up

    Baby bra push-up

    The whole is maintained in a pink and feminine sensuality of black lace adds flexible, sewed the...

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  • Yvone set

    Includes: dress, thong, Gloves, Knee
    Yvone Premium is a set of underwear distinctive look sexy and subtle adjustment of each of the elements of which it is composed. The dress with front attention neckline accentuated black mesh beautifully seemlessly with black, shiny material which is made forward dresses. On the back of the black mesh of different densities beautifully show the back, hips and buttocks. The soft lines of black elements direct gaze down on the buttocks, appearing out of dresses that are sensually highlighted with black ribbons strings that are included. Each of the materials for construction of the dress and thong is flexible, so you can adjust very well to the body, emphasizing its advantages.
    Dress also has 4 adjustable garter straps.
    Premium kit is extended to visible in the picture gloves and Knee. Long gloves made of shiny, elastic material in the upper part decorated with elements of black mesh. Black Knee are an ideal complement to the set and attract the attention of texturing.
    Each element of the set Yvone Premium has been prepared in such a way that you feel comfortable and dazzled radiates sex appeal.
    Flexible and elastic materials with elastane - a perfect fit to the body
    Pleasant to the touch material - comfort
    Profiled cut emphasizes the body shape - good looks and comfort
    High-quality materials - comfort and durability
    Metal accessories in the color black - durability and impressive detail
    Reinforcement stitching in critical areas - life
    Adjustable straps on the back - comfort and a better fit
    Made of high quality microfiber - durable, lightweight, durable
    Decorated with red lace with red bow

    The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
    Knee Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

    49.75 €

  • Fumi body

    Body Fumi its beauty and radiates sex appeal. Made of flexible, distinctive metallic black type material wetlook. Thanks to the flexible characteristics of the material and fasonowi perfectly emphasizes the shape of the body with particular emphasis on highlighting sensual curves of breast and poślaków. Soft lines silhouette was highlighted by sexy red mesh inserts, the shape of an hourglass, both front and rear. For sexy frolics and provocation encourages red coffee - attractive and emphasizes the unique look Fumi body.
    The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    44.75 €

  • Tomiko set

    You are looking for an interesting and unconventional underwear? Set Tomiko is perfect for you. Entirely made of flexible, black material, distinctive metallic sheen. Draws attention to the shape, red lines, beautifully komponującymi on a black background in both the bra and leggings.
    The design of the bra makes breasts appear more appetizing round of the plotted line of cleavage. On the back of the multi-stage closure for easy donning and adjustment to better match.
    Leggings with flexible features of the material, perfectly adhere to the body, emphasizing the shape of the legs and buttocks, while it visually slimming and lengthening. At the rear, vertical lines running along the legs and buttocks blend beautifully against the black metallic material. Leggings in the upper part of the stand out ornate, red elastic band to the model in delicate krateczkę.
    The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    47.25 €

  • Nelly costume

    Nelly kit, which consists of an elegant blouse and color matching thong panties, gives its owner more style and character. Feminine combination of black and pink saturate the romantic relationship. The flexible material does not deform and nicely arranged on the body. Blouse with delicate collar trimmed with glittering sequins. It combines a large black bow. A set of vertical stripes visually slims your figure. Blouse with long sleeves 3, it looks fantastic under his jacket and jeans, as well as elegant skirts. Blouse with sleeves finished with black stripes materials.

    30.00 €

  • Erotic set of Riley. The set includes bra, garter belt and panties. Socks and overlay on the bust are not included.

    37.25 €

  • Mokettina chemise

    Mokettina shirt
    - Lovely shirt in elegant black
    - Adjustable shoulder straps - easy adjustment and a great fit
    - Translucent lace front - sexy bare body!
    - Coquettish bow around the bust
    - Eye-catching creases on the sides
    - Back made of smooth fabrics
    - Complete total matching, classic thong
    - Delicate, perfectly elastic material (94% polyamide, 6% elastane)

    33.75 €

  • Platinesa set red

    Platines set of red
    - Red set in bold fashion
    - Rows of zircon and flexible rubber cup - phenomenally decorated body
    - Adjustable straps and fastening bra - a great fit
    - Thong with spicy open step
    - Trinkets do not contain nickel
    - Premium materials (60% copper, 40% glass)

    47.25 €

  • Platinesa set

    Platines set
    - Bold, jewel babydoll
    - All made with black zircon and flexible gumeczek
    - Adjustable shoulder straps and fastening bra - a guarantee of a perfect fit
    - Thong open - encourage experimentation spicy!
    - Without the addition of nickel - a zero concerns about allergies
    - Excellent quality materials (60% copper, 40% glass)

    47.25 €

  • Perlash set

    Perlash set.
    - An amazing set made of beads and elastic gumeczek
    - Adjustable straps and fastening bra - easy fit
    - Thong open step - naughty fashion
    - Set does not contain a shred of nickel
    - High-quality materials (100% acrylic)

    44.75 €

  • Moketta 3 pcs set

    Moketta set
    - Sexy babydoll perfectly emphasizes shapes
    - Smooth fabric trimmed with coquettish lace
    - A bra with a slightly stiffened cups - great prominence bust
    - Adjustable shoulder straps and fastening at the back - the possibility of a perfect fit
    - Garter belt with adjustable straps
    - Complete total matching thong
    - Pleasant to the touch, super flexible material (85% polyamide, 15% elastane)
    - Stockings are not included.

    31.25 €

  • Moketta chemise

    Chemise Moketta:
    - Elegant shirt in classic fashion
    - Soft, smooth material with brilliant stripes
    - Flexible straps provide fit and comfort
    - Padded underwire cups subtly emphasize the bust
    - Mountain richly trimmed with airy black lace
    - Satin bow at the back - a charming detail
    - A nice touch, stretch fabric (85% polyamide, 15% elastane)

    36.25 €

  • CR-3275 long black chemise

    CR-3275 is a sexy, black, long nighty. Made of soft, airy material. Front made of elegant lace. At the junction of bowls decorative bow. Flirty front opening exposes the body. The set includes thong.

    37.25 €

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