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  • Sun II bra 90F

    Sun II bra 90F

    Kostar's proposal SUN line ... A hit on the market! Swim bra with soft cups that perfectly...

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    26.96 €

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  • Raquel set

    Elegant set Raquel set for true romantics made of satin and delicate lace. Top tied at the sides has built a half-bra with lace. Shorts on elastic sides also tied seductively reveal buttocks. Both the shorts and down the masthead and its sleeves finished with crinkled tulle.
    Set in the elegant packaging with the picture presenting the product, marked the hologram from the logo Beauty Night Fashion. The set also bag-pouch for storage or laundry set.
    Size S / M is best to ladies size: Bust: 81-91cm, Cup B / C, Waist: 56-71cm, Hips: 86-97cm
    Size L / XL: Bust: 91-107cm, Cup C-D, Waist: 71-91cm, Hips: 97-112cm
    Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

    46.32 €

  • Nessie blue set

    Tasteful, elegant set made of satin and lace in a beautiful, deep shade of sapphire. Top with thin straps. The upper part is made of lace coquettishly reveals breast, thanks to rozcięciom in bowls. Shorts on elastic sides have inserts of lace. Set for women who want the bedroom to seduce sensual elegance.
    Set in the elegant packaging with the picture presenting the product, marked the hologram from the logo Beauty Night Fashion. The set also bag-pouch for storage or laundry set.
    Size S / M is best to ladies size: Bust: 81-91cm, Cup B / C, Waist: 56-71cm, Hips: 86-97cm
    Size L / XL: Bust: 91-107cm, Cup C-D, Waist: 71-91cm, Hips: 97-112cm
    Material: 100% Polyester

    48.77 €

  • Dorothea dress

    Long dress with front attracts the attention of the deep blackness of the material from which you can see sexy underlined luminous highlights the contours of the sensory parts of the body. The front apparently may seem classic, but just look at it from the back, to know that was developed about the rude awakening and the thrill of games. He discovers the entire length of the back, buttocks and legs, revealing the provocative beauty. Appearance and shape of the buttocks also emphasize the sleek lines of black thong. Cut dresses and the use of flexible materials mean that adheres perfectly to the body highlighting its overall shape and detail. When the neck is adjustable clasp silver chain. Impressive appearance dresses Dorohea strengthen suited to her character, on the back of metal buckles in silver, and the wheels with strings and fasten dresses.
    The entire set of Dorothea was prepared with the same materials and the same style, thus creating a perfect proposal next to which can not be ignored.
    An additional advantage of the set Dorothea is the fact that it was prepared with great attention to quality and performance using visually appealing and pleasant to the touch material.
    Characteristics:Flexible and elastic materials with elastane - a perfect fit to the body
    Pleasant to the touch material - comfort
    Profiled cut emphasizes the body shape - good looks and comfort
    High-quality materials - comfort and durability
    Metal accessories in the color silver - durability and impressive detail
    Clasp at the neck with a chain - comfort and attractive appearance
    Reinforcement stitching in sensitive places - durability
    Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    48.77 €

  • Agnes body
    Body Agnes seduces obvious sex appeal and strongly emphasizes the predatory tastes. Thanks to the flexible characteristics of the material, zapięciom the back of the back and neck and lacing at the hip line can be perfectly fit to the body, emphasizing his strengths. At the front, a deep cut in the shape of a triangle covered with a black transparent mesh, appetizing shows neckline and directs the gaze down where you can admire the shape of the hips. At the rear seduce they discovered lots of naked back and buttocks curves that are specifically and deliberately emphasized the shape of the body and elements of black mesh. Red lacing in the back is the proverbial "icing on the cake." Body has 4 adjustable garter straps, thanks to which pin a comfortable stockings.
    Stockings are not included.
    Flexible and elastic materials with elastane - a perfect fit to the body
    4 straps for attaching stockings with adjustable length - attractive appearance and comfort
    All wheels, regulators and garter clips, metal - life
    Clips for stockings with a black satin ribbon - effective wyglądMiłe touch materials - comfort
    Profiled cut emphasizes the body shape - good looks and comfort
    High-quality materials - comfort and durability
    The possibility of any arrangement lacing - comfort and creativity
    Reinforcement stitching in critical areas - life
    The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    43.87 €

  • Yuriko dress peek-a-boo

    Sexy black dress with Yuriko spectacular, red inserts on the front and the back. Fantastically fitting style and shape of the hips and buttocks. Red details, provide a colorful diversity, attract attention and give the appearance of prey. The flexible characteristics of the material make the dress adheres perfectly to the body while being extremely comfortable. Extremely strong impression cause breast uncovered. The set also includes black thong made of the same material as the black dress and black fishnet stockings visible on zdjęciu.Wysmakowany and refined in detail set - mandatory for pasjonatek seeking original and interesting lingerie, which will emphasize their temperament and refined taste. < br />Stockings:
    Color: black
    Flexible reinforced construction
    Fingerless, perfectly fitting to the leg
    Semi gloss, 20den
    The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
    The composition of stockings: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

    65.93 €

  • Sarah chemise

    Sarah elegant shirt from the collection of Cornelian Collection. The cups and straps made from the pretty lace material. At the junction of bowls decorative bow in contrasting color. Down T-shirt trimmed with a belt delicate, gauzy fabric. On the side of the cut finished bow.
    Material composition: 90% Polyamide 10% elastane

    30.64 €

  • Swangel costume

    Who do you want to be today? Choose between polite and alluring angel ballerina! Create wings, heat the atmosphere to ... whiteness and take his beloved straight to heaven! Or ... select ballet, decorative comb and be sure to offer him a series of impressive-looking figure! Do you want to set up a tantalizing body? Go ahead - Swangel are your three hot views!
    Get the details of the costume
    - Sensual body made from fine mesh and lace with a floral motif
    - Padded underwired cups and decorated with lace - look beautiful bust!
    - Adjustable shoulder straps - easy fit
    - Vertical stitching - optical slimming
    - Feminine lace back
    - Pleated skirt made of mesh, tied at the back of the soft, satin stripe - two views costume
    - Charming comb with glitter and beads for tempting ballerina
    - Mięciutkim halo of fluff for a sweet little angel
    - Removable wings with silky mesh - add coquettish charm
    - Lace foot
    - Soft, stretchy fabric (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)

    46.32 €

  • Servicegirl kostium 3-częściowy - pl

    Minor fault? Relax - great you will deal with each of surprises. At the end of the hot serwisantka you! A mileage? Oh ... the course of events will be extremely surprising. Do not wait and do not look for fire extinguisher car - the flames do not ugasisz. Anyway ... why would you do it!
    Check enticing details:
    - Pugnacious costume serwisantki of extraordinary fashion
    - Tempting shorts with suspenders made of black, shiny material
    - Front pocket between the braces of a smooth material - pointedly unveiled the bust and tummy!
    - Adjustable strap at the back
    - Pockets on the front and the back of the shorts - flirty extras
    - Bib sweet inserts imitating buttons (no nickel)
    - Coquettish bandamka - adds seductive charm
    - Delicate, playful cloth - ideal for spicy fun!
    - Pleasant to the touch material (50% polyester, 50% polyurethane)

    36.52 €

  • Caregirl nurse costume 5 pcs

    Caregirl nurse costume 5-piece.
    - Tempting spicy nurse costume
    - T-shirt made of translucent mesh decorated with fine motive
    - Collar trimmed with coquettish lace
    - Lovely, round inserts the breasts - playful details
    - Odpinający shirt button on the back of the collar
    - Sexy band of cap nurse
    - Hot, red suspenders with detachable straps - a tempting addition!
    - Soft and elastic knitted stockings - perfectly fit to the figure
    - Complete total matching thong
    - Pleasant to touch, stretch fabric (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)

    38.97 €

  • Dotina 3 pcs set
    Three-piece set Dotina
    - Sexy set charming temptress
    - A bra with cups and stiffened with whalebone - great looking breast
    - Multi-stage adjustable shoulder straps and buckle - super-fit!
    - Neckline decorated with netting, soft touch application and satin bow - an eye-catching details
    - Garter belt sewn from smooth material and covered with mesh inserts tempting
    - Tempting bows adorn the garter straps in the front and on the buttocks
    - Complete total matching thong - the combination of mesh and smooth material
    - Stockings are not included
    - Comfortable, stretchy material (94% polyamide, 6% elastane)

    33.09 €

  • Dotina chemise

    T-shirt Dotina.
    - Elegant shirt with a tailored, feminine cut
    - Adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit
    - Padded cups with wires - tempting underlined bust
    - V-neck T-shirts decorated with soft mesh, round inserts and lovely satin bow
    - The bottom part of the T-shirts made of delicate. translucent mesh - sexily exposed skin
    - Back T-shirts adorned with a vertical strip of mesh covered with soft, playful inserts
    - Complete total matching thong made from mesh decorated with pleasant to the touch patches
    - Soft, stretchy fabric (94% polyamide, 6% elastane)

    31.62 €

  • Dotina babydoll i stringi

    Sexy Shirt Dotina
    - Flirtatious and elegant babydoll with playful decorations
    - Adjustable straps - easy fit
    - Padded cups with wires - look beautiful bust!
    - Mesh neckline decorated with soft, round inserts
    - Babydoll fastened with hooks and tied satin ribbon on the front - sexy design
    - Front babydoll made of mesh covered with fine, soft decorations and trimmed with delicate frill
    - On the back of a smooth material combined with a belt decorated with mesh
    - Complete total matching thong with a lovely bow on the front
    - A nice touch, flexible material (94% polyamide, 6% elastane)

    33.09 €

  • N114 bodystocking

    Bodystocking N114.
    - An intriguing combination of bra, garter belt and pończoszek
    - Delicate, translucent mesh
    - Sexy neckline decorated with strips
    - A combination of elastic straps nicely fee tummy and waist
    - Courageously exposed buttocks
    - Extremely soft, stretchy fabric (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    24.26 €

  • F219 bodystocking

    Bodystocking F219.
    - Delicate, translucent mesh
    - Floral motif adorns the bust, back and sides along the entire length of the material - sexy underlined shapes
    - Large mesh bravely reveal the body
    - Spicy, open step
    - Extremely soft, flexible material (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    24.26 €

  • D219 dress
    Dress D219:
    - Alluring, translucent mesh
    - Delicate pattern covers the bust and adorns the sides and back of the dress
    - Large eyes reveal the body
    - Edged with black piping
    - Dress does not contain the string
    - Pleasant to touch, elastic fabric adheres perfectly to the body (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    21.81 €

  • F220 bodystocking

    Bodystocking F220
    - Sexy combination of a top and stockings
    - Binding on the neck
    - Fine mesh decorated with intriguing pattern
    - At the front of the vertical application with spicy mesh - tantalizingly unveiled the bust and tummy
    - Cut on the thighs - feisty details!
    - Courageously exposed his back and buttocks
    - Pleasant to touch, stretch fabric (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    24.26 €

  • N115 bodystocking

    Bodystocking N115:
    - Delicate, translucent mesh
    - Binding on the neck
    - Sexy neckline decorated with strings and combine up and down bodystocking
    - Horizontal bars under the breasts and around the waist - emphasize the shapes!
    - Temptingly exposed back
    - Spicy, open step
    - Pleasant to touch, elastic fabric (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    24.26 €

  • D115 dress

    Dress D115:
    - Soft, translucent mesh with a cheeky cut
    - Dress tied at the back of the neck
    - Intriguing strings on the neck and belly - exposing a little more
    - Wider straps under the bust, waist and the bottom emphasize the shapes
    - Temptingly exposed back - up to the waist!
    - Dress does not contain the string
    - Elastic fabric stretches and adapts perfectly to the figure (90% nylon, 10% elastane)

    21.81 €

  • Alluria chemise

    Elegant shirt Alluria.
    - Sexy shirt with translucent fabric
    - Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to fit
    - Tempting bowl made from the subtle lace
    - In underwire cups - raised and highlighted bust!
    - The application of translucent lace under the bust - an intriguing theme
    - Vertical stitching optically wysmuklają silhouette
    - Down shirts trimmed with lace - adds charm and adorned buttocks
    - In thong made from a translucent material
    - Pleasant to touch, stretch fabric (94% polyamide, 6% elastane)

    29.17 €

  • Police Police Costume

    Costume cop who thinks only of you to reconsider and thoroughly searched. The upper part of the corset (front in the vicinity of the breast) made of artificial leather remaining part made of soft, comfortable fabrics. The set includes a hat, handcuffs, a thong.

    48.77 €

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