• Mask Silver

    Mask Silver

    13.41 €

  • Spencer corset

    Spencer corset

    Spencer corset is a beautiful and elegant underwear for any stylish woman. The dark color...

    36.34 €

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  • Julita soft bra

    Julita soft bra

    Elegant bra designed for women with abundant breasts. Strong underwire, wide straps and a suitable...

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    12.93 €

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  • U-805 chemise

    Female shirt perfect for a romantic evening!
    - Made of black, elastic fabric
    - Binding on the neck
    - Soft bowls
    - Neckline is adorned with loops
    - Between the cups ware bond
    - Neckline beautifully exposes breasts
    - Polish product

    Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    41.22 €

  • D-328 chemise

    Sexy T-shirt perfect for a romantic evening!
    - Made of sensual mesh
    - Under the breasts cut
    - Top decorated with an interesting model
    - Tempting slits on the sides
    - Flirty bows
    - Adjustable straps, nieodpinane
    - In thong on thin paseczkach
    - A product manufactured in Poland

    Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    42.68 €

  • L-118 set

    Sexy set for passionate moments for two!
    - Made with seductive red lace
    - Top with soft cups
    - Between her breasts seductive slit
    - Top tied at the neck and back
    - Model adorned with flirty red bows
    - Figs with sexy slits at the back
    - A product manufactured in Poland

    Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    40.24 €

  • R-607 chemise

    Sexy T-shirt perfect for a romantic evening!
    - Made of fine mesh
    - Lace up
    - Soft, triangular bowl
    - Binding on the neck
    - Globed slightly down
    - Front corset binding and enticing slot
    - In thong on thin paseczkach
    - A product manufactured in Poland

    Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    40.24 €

  • 6628 costume

    Sexy schoolgirl touching all the senses - this costume is ideal to ensure that each bedroom to bring a little freshness. Extremely Very brief mini skirt with a shiny fabric in pink and black box is flared and in the upper part finished in white. Clip-skirts to the large black buttons braces give it an interesting and seductive character. Completes strapless bra with a decorative insert of the same material as the skirt at the top of the cups and decorative bow between the breasts. Neck decoration imitating white collar with a tie-colored skirts.

    38.78 €

  • 6591 bra + thong + garter belt

    An ebullient sex kit for every lady who wants to feel like the most feminine. The bra is made extremely interesting since he has padded half-cups with boning, richly decorated with high quality lace. Thin straps keep it without a problem on the spot, and is further enhanced by a neck strap tulle. Between cups beautiful and certainly looks attractive pink bow. Garter belt made of transparent material, with lace inserts on the front and the same as bra pink decorative bow. Belts to support stockings adjustable. String made of rubber narrow in the rear part and sides, front and a smooth elastic material. The whole looks very sexy and very feminine.

    38.78 €

  • 6590 bra + thong + garter belt

    Lacy, sexy set will stimulate your senses and bring freshness to any bedroom. The set consists of 3 components: bra, thong and garter belt. All parts are made of high quality soft lace, which is very pleasing to the body and at the same time very flexible. The bra has soft cups, straps and sides are made of narrow elastics. Strings also have narrow side eraser, front and decorative embellishment and very sexy. The same garter belt is decorated on the front and stripes responsible for maintaining stockings you can easily be adjusted. Sensual, sexy and very feminine, certainly you should be in the wardrobe of every woman.

    46.10 €

  • Heartina chemise

    Powalająco adorable shirt Heartina will allow you to perfectly emphasize the feminine charm. Imagine these wonderful moments. Smooth fabric and lace full flower decorations gently enveloping your body, intense red instigating fantasies and glittering pendant perfectly crowning the whole. And his hands do not spare the touch ... Check same as it tastes this pleasure!
    Get the details, which can not be resisted:
    - Romantic shirt with charming details
    - Cups sewn with a decorative lace brilliantly expose breasts
    - Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to fit
    - Underwire in a bowl subtly emphasizes the curves of breast
    - Decoration of zircon (without the addition of nickel!) And bow between the cups - a lot of feminine charm!
    - Floral lace front and back - sensually exposed belly, back and buttocks
    - Total matching thong included
    - Delicate, perfectly elastic material (85% polyamide, 15% elastane)

    30.49 €

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