• Euphoria push up bra V-551

    Euphoria push up bra V-551

    Alluring simplicity of push-up with detachable straps. The upper part of the cups adorned with...

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Doda I Nair Fitness Top

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Top Doda is a trendy, extremely comfortable and quick-drying shirt on fitness, gym or jogging. Shirt is made of professional material MERYL ACTISYSTEM, which has fast-drying properties, allowing the full intensity during exercise, does not cause skin abrasions during exercise and ideally placed on the body, provides comfort, and a feeling of lightness. Top will add sensuality and elegance to your exercises.
Description: Material: 100% Meryl Actisystem
szybkoschnącymodny sporty cut and a double fabric on the bust
Meryl Actisystem - a product of Meryl Fiber - an innovative type of fibers used in clothing intended for all types of sporting activities. The unique structure of the fibers makes the fabric is resistant, light and perspiration effectively, ensuring comfort during dynamic movement.
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  • Elegance push up bra SALE

    Extremely elegant model directed to the ladies like picking a refined style. Glazed, Haberdashery ribbon skillfully woven into the edge of the neckline and exposed in the form of bows, bowls of embroidered tulle glittering shades of gold and silk thread embroidery decide about the exclusive nature of the design.


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  • CR-3304 Schoolgirl Set

    Student kit includes: sensual bolero, bra, tie, sunglasses, skirt, stockings and thong.


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  • Cherish Me V-5241 V-5242 V-5248 set (bra + thong + garter belt)

    An elegant set of erotic lingerie Axami Me by Chery in a delicate white color. Cherish Me Bra V-5241 has been beautifully decorated with lace and satin bows. Very nicely modeled breasts. Tie at the neck and the back of the traditional hooks. Thongs V-5248 made ​​from lightweight tulle decorated with lace and lovely floral embroidery and bows. Adding to the charm of tulle flounce. In front flirty cut. The set includes a garter belt V-5242. The front decorated with gorsetowym lacing and an elegant lace. The sides adorned with pretty tulle flounce more. Back fastened with hooks. The whole looks very sexy, elegant and feminine. The white color of innocence will appeal to every woman's romantic and subtle. The ideal wedding night but not limited ......

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  • Feel Me V-5331 V-5332 V-5338 set (bra + thong + garter belt)

    An elegant set of erotic lingerie from the latest collection of Axami. Set Feel Me consists of a bra, garter belt and thong panty type. Stockings are not included. Feel Me Bra V-5331 type of peek-a-boo great breast shaping by miseczkom boning. Front bra elegantly decorated with embroidery. In the middle satin bow. Convenient extra binding on the neck. Sexy skimpy thong Feel Me V-5338 made ​​from tulle, front decorated with frivolous frill, embroidery and bows. Sensual slit in the center of the string catches the eye. The whole is crowned by an elegant garter belt Feel Me V-5332 is made from the delicate tulle. Front decorated lacing, ruffles and embroidery. On both sides of the flirtatious flounce. Female decoration in the form of satin bows. Back smooth.

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