• Coctail dress

    Coctail dress

    The classic little black dress with a unique cut in the deck. Excision is in a circle, which was...

    20.39 € (-33%)

    13.51 €

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  • CR-3380 dress

    Flexible sexy dress all in eye-catching hole.


    27.03 €

  • CR-3494 Red Mini Dress

    Sexy mini dress with slits in red. Made of flexible lightweight material with which adapts very well to the body.


    15.97 €

  • Oxalis dress white + thong

    Mini dress with shoulder straps lined with beautiful stones. Made of elastic fabric, beautifully adapts to the figures, and is unique in its classic simplicity. On the back straps intersect. Supplied with string.

    New Collection My Bijou is a combination of elements of shiny jewelry with elegant lingerie that is what women like most.

    Fabric: 90% acrylic, 10% spandex

    product is available in a universal size fits on women wearing S or M and size L or XL universal.


    21.87 €

  • CR-3283 dress

    Sexy dress made ​​of a flexible mesh.


    20.88 €

  • 117 dress blue M

    Adorable dress fitting at the top of the figure. The elastic material. Dress has no lining. Dress extends downwardly. Buttoned up with a zipper. Composition: 65% polyester, 30% viscose, 5% spandex.


    48.89 € (-25%)

    36.61 €

  • Oxana dress

    Emanating dress style, elegance and sex appeal. Gold, tying the neck with open back. Front strongly wydekoltowany. You can be sure that this dress does not go unnoticed.

    31.94 €

  • Miya dress

    Matched mini dress made of slightly glossy material. Bowls not stiffened. Black Colour. Material: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.

    46.44 €

  • Mini dres vinyl

    A tight, vinyl mini dress. Tied at the front at full length. Color: black-czerowny. 100% polyester, with polyurethane coating.

    86.00 €

  • 18.67 €

  • Zara dress

    Gorgeous and crazy sexy dress made of elastic viscose. Stoles of dress made of transparent, elastic mesh, beautifully exposed bust. The neckline is embellished with a zirconia belt, giving the whole creation a unique style and elegance. The dress is packed in an elegant box with a photo of the product.

    40.54 €

  • Marissa dress

    If you are looking for a disco dress, meeting at a club with friends or a date with your beloved then Marissa is a very cool proposition for you. The so-called little black mini dress for many occasions. The dress is made of elastic material that fits sexily into the body. Dress at the bottom and top decorated with elegant black and gold lace. Marissa is a dress for many occasions.
    Underwear composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    41.52 €

  • Jacqueline dress wet look

    Do you like to tempt, seduce and attract your eyes? In Jacqueline's dress you'll be the star of the evening, the goddess of sex. A long, black dress made of a combination of delicate black and gold lace flowers and plump wet look. On the front a long slit, exposing legs and stimulating imagination. On the back and at the neck of the large cut. Jacqueline's dress is a proposal for brave and confident women.

    Underwear composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    48.89 €

  • CR 4089 skirt

    Mini skirt CR 4089 in black color. Made of soft, comfortable eco-leather. Lace back. Sexy skirt for many occasions.

    33.17 €

  • Yukiko Shibari pack dress

    Sexy dress Yukiko. Dress made of black, glossy material. Finished with red, mesh inserts. Front zipper - fast dressing and pull-up dress. Yukiko's dress is short, opina body, highlights breast.
    Composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
    2 red ropes - each 8 meters
    Suitable for gentle Shibari
    practicesNon-absorbent water
    UV resistant
    Composition of rope: 100% polypropylene
    For the set of Yukiko we recommend the binding: "Ryoashi gattai ichimonji shibari: Both legs connected along. Hands on the front, elbows fixed on the back. " Bonding is best for lying down.
    Ryoashi gattai ichimonji shibari instructor video link available on YouTube channel:

    48.89 €

  • Yukiko dress

    Sexy dress Yukiko. Dress made of black, glossy material. Finished with red, mesh inserts. Front zipper - fast dressing and pull-up dress. Yukiko's dress is short, opiates the body, emphasizes the breasts.
    Underwear composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    43.98 €

  • Anita set

    Erotic set Anita consisting of a shirt and shorts. T-shirt made of fishnet net. The shirt is longer, has a cut-out for the sleeves. Sensual breast highlights. Shorts sexy underline the hips.
    Linen composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    41.52 €

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