• White catsuit

    White catsuit

    Seamless long sleeve costume made of elastic mesh. Cutting in step. Color: White. Material:...

    20.94 €

  • Nurse costume

    Nurse costume

    Very sexy nurse costume in white with red appliques. Front full length zipper. Material: 90%...

    49.01 €

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  • Dorado V-5878 thong

    Dorado V-5878 thong

    Elegant thong Dorado V-5878 from the collection Axami. Front sewn been with chic lace with floral...

    21.18 € (-43%)

    12.07 €

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  • Sonia B-129 semi-soft bra

    Cute white bra that perfectly meet and shapes the breast. Decorated with delicate embroidery. In the middle of a romantic bow.


    20.20 €

  • Intenssimo push up bra V-1141

    Orange distinctive set of sunflowers. Floral patterns and vivid colors are the perfect choice for every season for a great woman.

    34.24 €

  • Seduction push up bra V-1280

    The latest offer from Axami. Romantic, sensual and yet very sexy bra, which tempts its original appearance. Bowls decorated with tulle, which is folded in the lower part, and the top is adorned with delicate embroidered floral pattern. Subtle addition is a satin bow located at the junction of the cups. Sides lace, patterned. The model has a removable insert and a removable and adjustable shoulder straps. The whole is maintained in beautiful shades of black and beige. You need to have it!

    Composition: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex.


    41.63 €

  • Seduction push up bra V-1270

    Model of the Fall 2009 collection. Original bra, which will certainly appeal to every woman! Made entirely from high quality lace. Shades of burgundy beautifully presented on the body. Satin ribbons and bows add charm to this model. Perfect Fit, will ensure that does not even look like large breasts firmly. It has a removable insert and and removable and adjustable shoulder straps.

    Composition: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex.


    21.18 €

  • Seduction push up bra V-1230

    Lordly bra push up cutting-edge this season color profound violet. Fashion sexy highlights and lifts breasts - perfect for drawing attention to women's shapes. Made entirely from high-quality, openwork lace. The outside of the cup is adorned with tulle draped on the shoulder strap passes. Noble character of the proposal placed on the straps adds sensual jewelry shaped brooches. At the junction of satin ribbon tied bowls. In this exclusive, each bra Women's certainly feel very special.

    Composition: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex.


    27.09 €

  • Lovely push up bra V-981

    Charming push-up bras ecru and decorated with purple - green - yellow floral embroidery, bow between the cups and frills on the straps - soft and comfortable. Bra comes with an exclusive collection of companies AXAMI.


    22.66 €

  • Lovely push up bra V-991

    Happy PUSH-UP bra in yellow, decorated with white and green floral embroidery and bows - a charming and comfortable.


    21.18 €

  • Orange push up bra

    An intriguing model of fancy design and distinctive, but warm colors. The cups are made of lustrous thread embroidered tulle on the background, which looks fantastic relief from the convex splatający yarn in an elaborate pattern. The upper edge of the cups is finished with pleated satin ribbon. Bib sewn with a printed fabric, on which a trendy camouflage pattern is hidden among the pastel waves.


    21.43 €

  • Kinga M409 push up bra

    Extremely feminine and impressive push-ups in the color purple-pink. Model optically enlarged breasts and lifts it upwards. Delicate satin in classic purple color appears in the top of the cup down and trimmed with floral patterns. Detachable straps. It has a removable insert.

    Composition: 59% Nylon, 18% viscose, 18% Spandex, 5% cotton


    17.00 € (-56%)

    7.39 €

  • Kinga M596 push up bra

    Chic, very feminine white push-up, lit with beautiful floral embroidery. The whole is maintained in the warm colors of green and purple. Sides decorated with beautiful delicate lace. The advantage is a removable insert and removable shoulder straps. Measure decorated with satin ribbon model incorporated in the bow.

    Composition: 64% Nylon, 18% viscose, 16% elastane, 3% cotton


    16.87 € (-56%)

    7.39 €

  • Kinga M609 push up bra

    Charming push-ups! Perfectly shaped bowl without a doubt visibility to your breasts. Beautiful floats and collects not even a big bust. Very soft to the touch. An additional advantage of this model are removable shoulder straps and gaiters.

    Composition: 60% Nylon, 20% Spandex, 17% polyester, 3% cotton


    16.23 €

  • Karmen push up bra

    Pretty bra for women who value comfort and elegance. Bodice of beautiful embroidered tulle, perfect breasts and exposes the real nicely arranged on the breasts. Beautifully finished edges give it a chic look. Extended downward, the so-called finished. vest.


    17.00 €

  • Cindy 863/11 push up bra

    A woman's bra push up - collecting and maintaining the perfect breasts. The cups are decorated with very delicate floral embroidery on a theme. The sides are made of high quality microfiber. Removable shoulder straps and removable bra pads will fit the individual needs of each woman.

    Composition: 80% Nylon, 10% elastane, 10% other fibers.


    12.81 € (-19%)

    10.34 €

  • G-58 semi-soft bra

    Bra with a classic cut, sewn from the embossed microfiber, lightly stiffened with whalebone. Bowl from the inside finished cotton. It provides comfort.


    12.32 €

  • Julita soft bra

    Elegant bra designed for women with abundant breasts. Strong underwire, wide straps and a suitable cut of the cups provide the perfect maintenance and development of breasts, so they become alluring shape. Bra made of comfortable, decorated with a soft material, beautifully embroidered lace.


    22.66 € (-42%)

    13.05 €

  • Afrodyta 024 bra push-up

    The real hit of the season! The elegant yet sensual bra whose cup push-up perfectly shaped breasts. The outer part of the bowl is trimmed with satin which are within the beautiful gold-and-white patterns. Bowl mounted on lace, the sides of enhanced vertical lines. The silicone tape on the inside improves the user experience. Bra has removable pads and decorated, removable shoulder straps.


    20.20 € (-19%)

    16.26 €

  • Kostar 029 push up bra

    Sophisticated and feminine push-up with a perfect design. Bowls decorated with beautiful embroidery on combining satin bow. Plecki made from smooth microfiber. It has removable shoulder straps and a removable insert.


    21.18 €

  • Kostar 032 soft bra

    Enchanting and elegant model of soft for women with larger breasts. Special design for comfort and reinforced bottom cup bra ideal model. A fascinating blooming embroidery on the cups gives it a remarkable charm. The sides are made of high quality microfiber.


    18.23 €

  • Kostar 040 soft bra

    Alluring bra soft, sensual look here! Perfect design allows you to gather both breasts perfectly, keep him on the spot. Stylish embroidery on the cups writhe like a paradise. Sides made from smooth microfiber, underwire vertical is an additional advantage of this model. At the junction of satin ribbon tied in a bow.

    Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.


    17.98 € (-35%)

    11.58 €

  • Kostar 015 semi-soft bra

    Unique bra, half-Padded was made from smooth microfiber. The plant motif is visible at the top of the bowls, which covers the chest seductively. The lower part of padded cotton, flat seams enhance comfort. Perfect design perfectly formed breasts. Sides of smooth microfiber reinforced by vertical lines.


    21.43 €

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