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  • Alcove top + thong

    Alcove top + thong

    Short top and thong with a flexible, slightly shiny fabric in pastel pink. Underbust black inset...

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    12.99 €

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  • 301 soft bra white or black

    A comfortable bra without underwire and wire ... Model completely soft, flexible fabric allows for a perfect fit. Bras designed for teenagers is also appreciated by the enthusiast soft linen. Adjustable straps, nieodpinane. Fabric has a beautiful texture, slightly shiny dots. Composition: 87% polyamide, 13% elatsan.

    19.12 €

  • 022 soft bra white or black

    Soft, full bra without underwire, padded at the bottom. Covered with a thick skin-friendly and lace looks very elegant. The design maintains perfect breasts, modeling it at the same time. Elegance and comfort in a very good price. Ingredients: 875 Nylon, 13% spandex.

    21.81 €

  • 587 soft bra white or black

    A comfortable bra is the perfect choice for women who value convenience. A soft bra without underwire and wire with wide adjustable straps and a convenient clasp. The special design makes the bust bra looks great. The whole bowl is sewn from a soft openwork lace, from the inside bottom of the bowl has a lining is made ​​of soft fabric bra is so comfortable for the body. Minimizer-effect model. Composition: 87% polyamide, 13% spandex.

    21.81 €

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  • 35058 Agnes soft bra

    Elegant and very comfortable bra designed for women with larger breasts! Model built with very good cut, well-maintained and molded bust. Made of high quality, low stretch mesh front beautifully decorated with embroidery. The sides are vertical whalebone by which bra will always be in place. Width of straps and buckles increases with size. This bra has to be found in every demanding woman. Composition: 90% Nylon, 7% elasatn, 3% polyester.

    29.17 €

  • K004 Pinacolada soft bra

    Lovely soft bra BIG, whose bowl great prominence and spread large breasts. The upper part of the cups is made of a beautifully embroidered lace with delicate spring patterns. This model is designed for women with a big bust who want to feel comfortable and sexy in every situation. Composition: 90% Nylon, 7% elastane, 3% polyester.

    29.17 €

  • 925 semi-soft bra

    Lovely bra with professional design. The combination of snow-white lace knit is interwoven in subtle patterns on the bowls. Satin bow at the interface bowls. The sides of the little stretch fabric reinforced with vertical lines. Adjustable straps are not removable.

    26.96 €

  • Precious V-4281 push-up bra

    Exclusive push-up bra from the latest collection Extravaganza. The whole is maintained in a delicate cream-colored with a combination of black. Bowls wrapped in elegant tulle sash. At the junction of black additive. Removable straps in black, decorated with black bows. The whole very stylish and sexy for women who value style and class.

    42.16 €

  • Barbara padded bra

    Delicate bra for comfort - usztywnianych bowls. Made of a slightly shiny fabric. Bowl covered with tulle with embroidery adds elegance plant - a model that certainly will be in your wardrobe. The design provides the perfect maintenance and the formation of the bust. An additional advantage is removable straps and underwire vertical on the sides. Composition: 60% polyamide, 20% polyester, 7% elastane, 13% cotton.

    26.96 €

  • Yvette/B1 push-up bra

    Seductive, perfect push-up bra collecting and lifting. Bowls decorated with embroidery. Removable bra straps will fit the individual needs of each woman. Between cups flirtatious bow. Composition: 50% polyamide, 20% polyester, 10% elastane, 10% other fibers, 10% cotton.

    25.74 €

  • Yvette/BB1 balconette bra

    The charming balconet that perfectly supports and lifts the bust. Model tempts its lightness, soft snow-white lace encircles the bowl. Sides of smooth special applications - low-stretch microfiber. An additional advantage is removable straps and silicone band that provides permanent bra. Composition: 50% polyamide, 20% polyester, 10% elastane, 10% cotton, 10% other fibers.

    25.74 €

  • Kassidy 23444 push-up bra

    Lovely push-up bra available in classic colors.
    - Bowl of smooth microfiber
    - Top of the cups trimmed with lace
    - A charming bow between the cups
    - Bridge and sides lace
    - Adjustable straps, removable
    - Removable pads magnifying

    Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

    31.62 €

  • Raff 23446 balconette bra white, black or beige

    Extremely comfortable balconette bra. Great bust collects inside. The smooth knit is invisible under clothing. The model has an adjustable, removable shoulder straps and removable pads magnifying.

    29.41 €

  • K019 Carmel soft bra

    Soft bra beautifully shapes the bust. Top of bowls decorated with tulle with floral embroidery. Ideal for women with larger breasts because the bra lifts and lift each breast. Wide straps so that increase comfort. At the interface bowls przewieszką flirtatious bow. Tulle side panels. Model has adjustable straps.

    28.19 €

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