• Maid Costume

    Maid Costume

    Black and white maid outfit. Soft, lace bra with cut on the chest, adjustable straps and small...

    40.54 €

  • Amelia chemise (various colours)

    Amelia chemise (various colours)

    Sensual viscose bra. The top of the petticoat creates a flexible mesh lined with tulle that will...

    31.70 €

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  • Sheetal chemise black

    Sheetal chemise black

    Lace black shirt with cut in the middle and stripes on the shoulders.Composition: 90% polyamide,...

    19.41 € (-17%)

    15.97 €

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  • K101 Florence soft bra

    Beautiful soft bra Florencee elegant black combined with sensual red. Made of smooth microfiber. Top bowls with delicate tulle mesh, covered with embroidery in floral pattern. Adding to the charm of a tiny bow pendant. The model has a wide, adjustable straps nieodpinane. The set can be purchased figs Florence. Composition: 90% polyamide, 7% elastane, 3% polyester.

    31.94 €

  • 059 BS soft bra

    Padded bra, perfect for women with larger breasts. Top bowls decorated with impressive embroidery. The side details of the cups, collecting bust, increase comfort. The larger model has adjustable straps nieodpinane. Do not hesitate order today! Composition: 69% polyamide, 16% viscose, 7% elastane, 8% polyester.

    29.48 €

  • 218M Paris Maxi semi-soft bra (various colours)

    Elegant padded bra - delights of embroidery, while maintaining the lightness and delicacy! Proposal for women with large breasts who appreciate comfort and beauty underwear. The front of reinforced lightweight brace, flat seams ensure comfort. The sides of the little stretch microfiber that perfectly sustain bust, clasp three rows, three grades. Straps that model are not very stretchy and soft from the body. Composition: 30% polyamide, 29% micro tatel, 15% polyester, 14% cotton, 9% polyester, 3% polyurethane.

    36.61 €

  • 419 Fabiola semi-soft bra

    Elegant and subtle padded bra made from smooth microfiber, also lined with mesh. Active in a beautiful shade of coffee in small bands, top decorated with embroidered tulle with floral theme. The model has adjustable straps nieodpinane. Charming bow between the cups. Bra fits very nicely with the briefs to the set. Composition: 56% polyamide, 20% polyester, 12% cotton, 10% polyester, 2% polyurethane.

    29.48 €

  • Bra self-supporting black

    Extremely light and comfortable self-supporting bra in black. With the outer layer of the material can be worn under lace bluzkami.Świetnie check under dresses with higher neckline or bare backs.

    18.43 €

  • Bra self-supporting beige

    Extremely light and comfortable self-supporting bra in beige color. With the outer layer of the material can be worn under lace blouses. Perfect for the dresses with higher neckline or bare backs.

    18.43 €

  • Bra self-supporting white

    Extremely lightweight self-supporting bra in white. With the outer layer of the material can be worn under lace blouses. Very useful for dresses with bare backs or plunging neckline.

    18.43 €

  • Pamela/B2 soft bra

    Subtle, soft bra made of delicate embroidery, which adds lightness floral theme. The back is made of smooth fabric. Between cups chic bow adornment.

    34.15 €

  • S800C push up bra

    The beautiful push-up with additional inserts. Bodice was adorned with lovely embroidery in shades of gray and dirty pink. Cups and model perfectly formed breasts. Was placed between the cups satin bow in black (pictured RUBELLA). Not removable bra straps. The front straps are lined with glossy, printed dzianinką to preserve an even better wearing comfort. Active extremely elegant.

    31.94 €

  • S811C soft balconette bra

    Cute balconette bra in a soft lovely hearts, the perfect choice for a gift or Valentine's evening. Cups made of soft touch tulle, are tempting breast binding site. The lower part of the bra cups and straps are finished with a delicate frill. Not removable straps. Three-clasp in the back.

    27.03 €

  • Daria semi-soft bra

    Great showing up on the chest, padded bra. The lower part of the cup is stiffened while top trimmed with delicate lace. Bra has adjustable straps so that you successfully match it possible for every body.

    21.87 €

  • Brenda padded bra

    Seductive model bra that perfectly meets and lifts the bust. The cups are decorated with delicate lace suitable biustonoszowi exceptional delicacy and subtlety. Adjustable bra straps will fit the individual needs of every woman.

    24.32 €

  • 409 Leona semi-soft bra

    Classic and at the same time elegant padded bra from the new collection Gaia. Made of shiny, smooth microfiber, decorated with delicate lace on the cups. Vertical wires and underwire provide the perfect gathering, maintaining and improving the bust. Adjustable straps allow nieodpinane customized to the exact position of the bra on the body. Model charms with its simplicity and subtlety ... Composition: 51% polyamide, 20% polyester, 16% cotton, 9% elastane, 4% polyurethane.

    29.48 €

  • 278 push up bra

    Bra kick, having a cup thermally profiled gel-filled. Perfectly presented in the bust, and so it remains stable drutom. Smooth, snug against your body giving little visibility into opiętymi tops. It has adjustable straps nieodpinane. Composition: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

    27.03 €

  • Elise balconette bra

    Extremely elegant bra decorated with delicate lace. Made of high quality materials, reinforced with wire and side boning makes it comfortable to use, is at the highest level. In addition, as a satin finish with a slight bow zircon gives stylish character. Composition: 60% polyamide, 20% polyester, 13% cotton, 7% elastane.

    31.70 €

  • 050 padded bra (various colours)

    Classic. smooth padded bra. Dish enhanced vertical wire and underwire make breasts are nicely collected and raised. Adjustable straps and two-stage closure allows for a perfect fit to your size. At the junction of bowls and decorative bows on the straps. Composition: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex.

    24.32 €

  • 042 semi-soft bra

    Padded bra lingerie decorated with tulle netting with delicate embroidery on the cups. Back in smooth microfiber. Adjustable straps, gain in the form of wires and a two-stage closure provide a very good fit for your size. Perfect for women who appreciate comfort and classic.

    29.48 €

  • K084 Donna balconette bra

    Sensational balconette bra in a very sensual release. Good fit makes it a object of desire of every woman. Model perfect breasts lifts and exposes him perfectly maintained. Cups covered with showy embroidery on tulle reticulum. Sides are made ​​of smooth, shiny microfiber. Inside extra padded cotton which significantly increases comfort. On the sides of strengthen - vertical boning and silicone tape, bra will remain in place. The model has a removable, adjustable straps and removable push-up pads that seem larger your bust by up to size. Great for women requiring! Perfect for the wedding as underwear. Composition: 90% polyamide, 7% elastane, 3% polyester.

    33.17 €

  • 402 Elisa semi-soft bra

    Last spring offer from Gaia. Extremely sophisticated padded bra. Cotton padded cups. The cups made ​​of microfiber, the shimmering, embossed floral patterns. At the top, finished with delicate lace, and the bottom lined with mesh. Sides are smooth. Adjustable straps, nieodpinane. Active constructed in a way that will make that comfort bra was like at the highest level. Composition: 65% polyamide, 6% elastane, 15% polyester, 12% cotton, 2% polyurethane.

    30.71 €

  • 1030 semi-soft bra

    Classic and elegance in one-of Ava bra that would work perfectly for everyday use. Soft cups, the upper edge of tulle with floral embroidery, but from the inside sewn sponge covered with a thin strip of cotton, which is slightly stiffens the whole. In conjunction with side boning provides excellent meeting Paszek bust of the center. Do not delay, order today! Composition: 88% polyamide, 4% elastane, 8% cotton.

    31.94 €

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