• Geometrico push up bra

    Geometrico push up bra

    The classic push-up bra in interesting colors - purple with white dots. The excellent performance...

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  • Sue soft bra

    Soft bra with boning.
    Beautiful floral pattern decorates the bowl. Straps simple nieodpinane adjustable length.
    Between cups elegant decoration.

    24.63 €

  • Astra padded bra

    Stiffened bra model sensual soft foam, which raises the perfect bust optically enlarging it. The cups subtly spectacular fabric wrapped with purple accents captures your eyes and give the whole romantic and delicate style. Back Bra is made of high quality microfiber white.

    24.63 €

  • 481 Kaja semi-soft bra

    Elegant padded bra with GAIA's core collection. The model is made of very soft material with a subtle formula developed roses. Back uszyto a resilient elastic tulle. The upper bowl has been further enhanced with a soft-touch mesh. Thanks to the raw materials bra perfectly arranged on the body and is extremely easy to use. Particularly noteworthy is the increased cut which collects bust him inside and perfectly rounded. Środeczek exactly adjacent to the sternum. To ensure comfort down the bowl is lined on the inside 100% cotton. Double hooks with three adjustable (in the largest size is Haftka three row) and whalebone in all sizes are an additional advantage of this bra. Straps are decorated with a delicate pattern on the edges, and the addition of a bowl of tiny bows. Straps used are high quality and have high resistance to deformation and stretching.

    Composition: 52% polyamide, 25% polyester, 16% cotton, 4% polyurethane, 3% elastane.

    29.85 €

  • 464 Molly semi-soft bra

    Timeless, elegant, perfect! This bra is made from a combination of extremely delicate and pleasant to the touch fabric with a subtle, flexible embroidery. Particularly noteworthy is the increased construction, which collects the bust to the center and perfectly rounded it. The measure snug against your sternum. To increase the stability of the circuit back podszyto flexible tulle and uses special technology of sewing. To ensure comfort down the bowl is lined on the inside 100% cotton. Double hooks with three adjustable and whalebone in all sizes are an additional advantage of this bra. Nieodpinane straps, adjustable, slightly shiny, decorated with the addition of a bowl of tiny bows.
    Composition: 55% polyamide, 20% polyester, 12% cotton, 11% polyester, 2% polyurethane.

    31.09 €

  • 475 Felipina soft bra

    Extremely stylish proposal for autumn winter! This soft bra is made of lovely two-color embroidery lace, floral motifs and openwork knit. Sides made of a resilient, elastic tulle. The inner side of the cups is lined with a soft 100% cotton. Very nice design collects and formed breasts. Hooks have a three-stage adjustment. Straps used are high quality and have high resistance to deformation and stretching. Removable straps, make it possible to convert them into silicon. Particularly noteworthy is completely innovative technology side stitching underwire (occurring from the circuit 80). To meet the expectations of customers who feel uncomfortable with the ramming into the body of baleen used the new technology of sewing. It consists in that instead of a single element there are two cooperating with each other. Underwire ends are sewn in elastic tape and overlap inside the tunnel. Moreover, they are made of thinner and more flexible material which allows a perfect their cooperation with the wearer N - while moving underwire move according to the movement of the body overlap one another (please look at the diagram).
    Composition: 43% polyamide, 30% polyester, 16% cotton, 7% polyester, 4% polyurethane.

    32.09 €

  • 474 Felicjana push up bra

    Extremely elegant proposal for this year's autumn! This super push-up was performed using a thermally formed ladle, in which almost the entire inner part of the foam. From the inside of the bowl is covered with 100% cotton. Bra allows for a perfect gathering breasts and their visibility, creating a round, voluptuous shape. Thus, it is possible optical biustonoszowi breast enlargement by about two sizes. Ideal smoothness under tight clothing and a beautiful neckline!
    Undoubtedly, this bra is the pride of openwork lace fabric used on the whole bra.
    Removable straps, decorated with tiny bows.
    Composition: 60% polyester, 38% polyamide, 2% elastane.

    29.85 €

  • 480 Pilar padded bra

    An absolute novelty among all bras GAIA! This super lightweight This bra is made of innovative 3D fabric type walk. Thermally molded cups fit perfectly to the shape of the breast, allow your skin to breathe while away moisture. Bra is the perfect addition to your comfort provides good sustain breast. In addition, the lack of seams makes has not completely under tight clothing. After washing bra dries quickly and does not deform August bowl during use. The back is made of elastic, high tensile strength fabric. Bra has a three hooks and side adjustment underwire in larger sizes (from circuit 80). Nieodpinane straps, decorated with a delicate pattern on the edges, and when combined with a bowl of tiny bows. Straps used are high quality and have high resistance to deformation and stretching.

    Composition: 57% polyamide, 33% polyester, 10% elastane.

    33.58 €

  • 066 BS soft bra

    Another new proposal in the classical base offer! This soft bra is made of fine mesh of tiny dots. Sides agent, and the upper part of the cups made of resilient, elastic fabric. The inner side of the cups is lined with a soft cloth, which also gives form biustonoszowi. Bra has underwire and side wire, so that it is extremely easy to use. Hooks and straps are properly adjusted to the width of the size, which ensures comfort of the bra. To facilitate adjustment of the straps controls are located on the front of the bra. Whole framed by tiny bows on the straps and środeczku.

    Composition: 70% polyamide, 16% polyester, 14% elastane.

    27.36 €

  • Stella Maris V-5831 bra

    Elegant, sexy bra soft Stella Maris V-5831. Sewn from soft black lace. Attractive slits on the cups - discovering whether covering breasts .... decorating with bows. Bra is fastened at the front and tied at the neck.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

    34.58 €

  • Cassiopea V-5841 bra

    Sexy soft, Cassiopea Corset V-5841 in red. Sewn with elegant lace in floral patterns. The front corset underwear binding so you can nicely fit to the body. At the junction of bowls jewel, shiny ornament. Nieodpinane bra has adjustable straps. Vertical whalebone model nice breasts. On the back of tempting thin straps and buckle for convenient hooks.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

    47.01 €

  • Dorado V-5871 bra

    Exclusive Corset V-5871 Dorado with a collection of elegant lingerie Axami. The bra is sewn with black cloth which was interwoven shiny gold-colored thread. The front półgorsetu decorative black satin bows. The back is made of thin strips. Back closure with hooks. The bra has a vertical fisziby, very nicely modeled breasts and lifts them up. Straps are removable and adjustable. Lingerie has a magnifying push up pads. This model is well suited bra corset with a very low-cut costumes. Chic and elegant bra for modern and fashionable women.
    Composition: 45% polyamide, 24% cotton, 17% polyurethane, 10% polyester, 4% elastane.

    59.45 €

  • Asteroide V-5901 semi-soft bra

    Exclusive Asteroide bra V-5901. The bra is sewn with a double layer of tulle, lace on the cups decorated with shiny gold-colored threads. At the junction of bowls decorative black satin bow. Bra is tied around the neck and fastened at the back with hooks. Vertical whalebone emphasize sexy breasts.

    44.53 €

  • Fenice V-5961 push up bra

    Push up bra Chic Fenice V-5961 with a collection of exclusive lingerie Axami. Bowl in black, with red elegant flowers. At the junction of bowls decorative black satin bow. The bra has underwire. The rear is smooth, adjustable and removable shoulder straps. Fenice bra modeled very nice breasts.

    33.58 €

  • 146 push up bra

    Very practical push-ups, which necessarily must be included in your wardrobe!
    - Made of smooth microfiber
    - Fastened at the front
    - On the back of a transparent silicone tape
    - Gaiters magnifying
    - Adjustable straps, removable
    - Classic colors

    Composition: 88% polyamide, 8% cotton, 4% elastane.

    24.63 €

  • Elite Bra

    Comfortable and well-shaped bra that provides comfort through a perfect fit to the body. No underwire bra and hooks, so no pressure or pinches. Ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions and under tight creations.

    Composition: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.

    S / M (under the bust 68-73)
    M / L (under the bust 73-78)
    L / XL (under the bust 78-83)

    27.36 €

  • Sonia padded bra

    Romantic, yet incredibly sexy padded bra. The cups were wrapped in charming lace that adds a whole incredible lightness and subtlety. Bra perfectly shapes and lifts the bust, thanks to an elaborate krojowi and flattering shape. The model has adjustable straps nieodpinane. Add lateral stays stability. Back with a soft microfiber.

    24.63 €

  • K171 Azzurro soft bra

    Elegant, soft bra with BIG collection - a very wide range of sizes from C to M. Bra is made of a single knit with subtle sheen. The upper part of the cups made of soft mesh decorated with a beautiful, elegant embroidery. Coquettish bow between the cups of zirconia pendant. Sides are reinforced with vertical lines. The back is made of sitkowej, strong lycra, ensuring good maintenance of the bra in place. Adjustable straps, nieodpinane, decorated with embroidery.

    Composition: 90% Nylon, 7% elastane, 3% polyester.

    29.85 €

  • Coral V-5731 push up bra

    Sexy, sensual and full of energy push up bra Coral V-5731 with a collection of elegant lingerie Axami. Bowls wrapped in lace coral and black. Contrasting colors are a great combination for energetic and confident women. At the junction of the cups and bottom straps decorative bows. The sides are sewn bra with lace. Removable push up pads. Adjustable and removable shoulder straps in black. Very nicely modeled bra breasts and lifts them up. Sexy lingerie for every modern woman.

    42.04 €

  • Ombra M-1917/11 push-up bra

    Captivating push-up Ombra impresses with its sexy and sophisticated style. With perfectly contoured miseczkom model beautifully highlights and shapes the bust. Refined design, allows you to enjoy beautiful breasts and comfort. Sides of elastic fabric patterned adhere perfectly to the body providing comfort. Bowl of cotton sewn inside the pocket for removable push-up pads. On the outside of the bowl is decorated with knitted smooth, slightly glossy and patterned fabric. In addition, the bowl is adorned with an orange satin ribbon, which playfully looks from lace. Bib with beautiful lace. The tiny bow in contrasting color. The model impresses with its beautiful color cappuccino. Adjustable and removable shoulder straps. Haftka double-breasted with three-adjustable.
    Composition: 61% polyamide, 22% cotton, 9% elastane, 7% polyurethane, 1% polyester

    34.58 €

  • Corona Australe V-5801 soft bra

    Sexy bra Corona Australe V-5801 from the collection of erotic lingerie Axami. Soft cups made from transparent openwork lace. At the cups of black fabric belt. At the junction of bowls decorative black satin bow. Bra is tied at the back of the neck and fastened with hooks. Very nicely emphasizes breast.

    49.50 €

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