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  • Roksana push up bra

    Roksana push up bra with stiff cups. Thanks to the stiffened cups, the bra is holding the breast in place. The bra model resembles a balconette. Smooth bowls are perfect under tight clothes. Detachable straps, adjustable.

    34.66 €

  • Kendra padded bra

    Kendra bra padded with high quality Austrian knit. Bra in powder pink rose decorated with blooming flowers. The eye catches the strips at the height of the bowls, in a contrasting black color. On the straps small bows. The bra is very nicely modeling breasts and it is convenient to use. Straps are irresistible, adjustable.

    34.66 €

  • Cezaria padded bra

    Caesarean bra is a comfort and convenience for everyday wear. Bra in blue-gray color. Stiffened cups nicely model the breasts. Beautiful lace adorn the bra front. Bowls made of thin, stiff foam, from the inside covered with comfortable cotton. The back of the bra and the sides made of smooth, gray microfiber, elastic fit nicely. Straps are irresistible, adjustable.

    33.67 €

  • Betsy padded bra

    Betsy bra is a model that should fit in the closet of every woman. Bra on seamless stiffened copies. Bowls are profiled from the inside with a push up effect. Such a bowl raises the bust and nicely exposes it. Bra is convenient to use. Smooth cups are great for tight clothes.

    34.66 €

  • Arabela push up bra

    Bra push up Arabela in black. Cups wrapped in elegant lace that stretches to the straps. At the junction of bowls decorative bow. In the bowl sewed sponges. Straps are strapped, adjustable, fastened with hooks. Fiszbiny nicely model breasts.

    34.66 €

  • 1507 soft bra

    Fantastic soft bra in a great color combination.
    - Completely made of stable mesh in pannier
    - The upper part of the bowl is covered with a lace
    between the cups with the tag
    Vertical- adjustable, irreplaceable straps in black color
    - straps adorned with subtle bows
    Composition: 88% polyamide, 8% cotton, 4% elastane.

    37.16 €

  • 1530 semi-soft bra

    Elegant semi-padded bra in a trendy paislei pattern.
    The lower part of the bowl, the bridge and the sides are made of patterned knitwear- The upper part of the bowl is covered with mesh and lace trimmed
    Between the cups bow with the decorative tag - adjustable, strapless straps
    Composition: 88% polyamide, 8% cotton, 4% elastane

    39.65 €

  • 1580 push up bra

    Classic bra in beige color.
    - Kopa type bra, characterized by a thermally profiled cup
    - cups made of shiny knit
    Between the bowls of the bow with elegant outline
    - vertical whips
    - backs reinforced with additional knit
    - straps adjustable, removable
    Composition: 88% polyamide, 8% cotton, 4% elastane.

    32.17 €

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