• Kostar 0077 semi-soft bra

    Kostar 0077 semi-soft bra

    Elegant and comfortable bra half-Padded, sewn from high quality raw materials. Cups made of...

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  • Evelyne teddy + gloves

    Sexy erotic lingerie set from a reputable manufacturer Evelyne Demoniq. The set consists of body and gloves. Body is made ​​from a combination of black elastic, shiny wet look material type and black mesh. Body very nicely adapts to the body, visually lengthens and slims your figure. Sensuous breasts highlighted by deep dekoltowi. The front decoratively interwoven with ribbons in red fiery color. Body has a comfortable adjustable shoulder straps. The set includes long gloves made ​​from the same material as the body. The entire length lace red ribbon. They have a notch on the thumb and fingers. Body like every brave and confident woman. It's very sexy, seductive and predatory.
    Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    44.75 €

  • Inez teddy + gloves

    Sexy erotic lingerie set Ineaz of Demoniq composed of body and gloves. Body is made ​​from black elastic material, which is very nicely adapts to the body. Top bowls decorated with a red ribbon. Between the cups coquettish wrinkling. Body visually lengthens and slims the silhouette and emphasizes the shapely butt. Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. On the back of the whole sensory wrinkling. The set includes gloves. Made with the black material as an elastic body. Decorated with red ribbons. Set certainly appeal to every brave and confident woman. Awaken the senses and ignite the fire ....
    Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    38.75 €

  • Elite Slimming Teddy

    Slimming Body Elite sewn with seamless technology. Body is cut out under the breasts so you can normally wear a bra. Body Elite great slims tummy, hips, waist and gives an alluring shape of the bottom. Comfortable adjustable straps. At the bottom of the clasp on convenient hooks.
    Composition: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.


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    24.75 €

  • Sabine Teddy

    Tempting body emphasizing the figure made ​​of flexible material resembling latex and beautiful thick lace.
    Set in an elegant box with a picture of a product marked with the logo hologram Beauty Night Fashion. The set also bag-pouch for storage or laundry set.
    Size S / M is best for ladies size: Bust: 81-91cm, Cup B / C, Waist: 56-71cm, Hips: 86-97cm
    Size L / XL: Bust: 91-107cm, bowl CD, Waist: 71-91cm, Hips: 97-112cm
    Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

    37.25 €

  • Hannah teddy + gloves

    A unique set of erotic lingerie for women who want a sophisticated way to emphasize the desire for power and domination ... while emanowaniu attractive appearance.
    Body is a combination of flexible materials with a sophisticated design with highlighted details in the form of red bows and ribbons. The spectacular effect resulting from the combination of different materials: soft and transparent mesh with black, shiny wet look material type. Body visually lengthens the silhouette and slightly transparent, fine mesh at the neckline shows the shape of the breast. Add additional charm circular cutouts on the back adorned with red bows.
    Gloves is a sophisticated addition to the set. Long gloves made ​​HANNAH like body with a delicate mesh. Lace-up the entire length of red ribbon. They have a separate cut-outs on the fingers and thumb.
    Modern shape
    Body visually slims and lengthens the silhouette
    Sexy highlight the neckline
    Models and emphasizes the shape of the buttocks
    Pleasant to the touch and resilient material with elastane
    Adjustable straps
    Easy to put on and take off thanks to the flexible material
    Color: black
    Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    47.25 €

  • Magique Corset

    Beautiful corset slimming richly decorated with black and white embroidery. The cups push up and lift the breasts enlarge. Adjustable straps, removable. The front seductive lacing.
    Sides and back made ​​of elastic tulle. With a convenient clasp on the back two rows of hooks. Corset has removable drawstring garter.


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    41.25 €

  • Margaret Plus Size black corset

    Corset made ​​from transparentego, elastic tulle, assumed to adjustable straps adapted to support a larger bust. Underwire support in the cups and model breasts. The cups trimmed with elegant satin ribbon and finished with a delicate frill. The delicate frill is also finishing bottom of the corset. Front bodice adorned with satin ribbons. Decorative bow between the breasts. On the back is a snap closure and decorative tear. Corset has front and rear rubber for attaching stockings. Also includes a thong. Model of the line Plus Size. Composition: 80% Polyamide 20% Spandex

    47.25 €

  • Estella Plus Size black corset

    Corset with straps made ​​of elastic tulle and lace. Underwire under the bust support and expose the breast. The cuts in front of the V-shaped fitting wysmuklają. On the back of a small, zippered tear. Bottom finished with floral lace corset. Adjustable shoulder straps and fastening garter. Set the line Plus Size. Includes corset and thong. Composition: 80% Polyamide 20% Spandex

    39.75 €

  • Bona Plus Size black body peek-a-boo

    Body-shirt, made ​​from elastic, floral lace and tulle. Discovered bowls, top decorated with frill. From the front, at the height of the navel satin bow. Frill trimmed down. Rear deep cut on his buttocks. Supplement costume long gloves are worn on the finger. Composition: 97% Polyester 3% Spandex

    34.75 €

  • Anna - Plus Size - black

    Body with short sleeves made ​​of elastic lace. Large boat neckline emphasizes the bust perfectly. Between the breasts tear and ornate, zirconia, silver heart. The deep notch on the back combined bonded, satin ribbons. Composition: 97% Polyester 3% Spandex

    34.75 €

  • Lara set body

    Sexy and romantic at the same time body made of lace in a beautiful pattern enchants with its originality. Adjustable drawstring garter. Matching thong on thin paseczkach and gloves. Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.


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    24.75 €

  • Elza body

    Perfectly contouring silhouette sleek black body with usztywnianymi cups, great collects, lifts and holds the bust beautifully exposing cleavage. The cups and the plane between the cups is made of elegant black lace suitable model of grace and elegance, the front and back part of the opaque silhouette modeling material. The lateral elements of the model are made of gently unfolding perfectly fitting elastic tulle modeling the whole figure providing comfort and emphasizing feminine attractiveness.

    33.75 €

  • Kiss Me V-5200 body
    Red Body Kiss Me V-5200 will ignite the senses with saturated color and captivating pattern of small dots scattered on transparent tulle. Fashion push-up will highlight the beauty of the bust, and the wrinkled material - waistline.
    Composition: 30% polyester, 28% polyamide, 26% cotton, 11% polyester, 5% elastane.

    47.25 €

  • Tease Me V-5387 corset

    Erotic corset Tease Me V-5387 from the collection of Axami. Corset has a bowl type of peek-a-boo that very sensually exposing breasts. Embellishments in the form of black satin bows. In front of a very sexy corset lacing. Swimsuit is made from a combination of elegant lace and delicate transparent tulle. Flounce at the bottom emphasizes the waistline and the roundness of the hips. Corset is back fastened with hooks. This model underwear for bold and confident women.
    Note! Stockings and thong with pictures are not included.

    72.50 €

  • Isabelle body + gloves

    Predatory and very sexy body ISABELLE is a combination of black , flexible material types wet look with soft , flexible chiffon . The glossy black phenomenally follows the line of the hips , neck shapes , and transparent tulle attractively presents the chest and abdomen . The line connecting tulle with wet lookie has been specially shaped to shape and slim silhouette. On the back of the naughty fun provoke discovered the back and buttocks attractively highlighted shiny black material. Additional charm adds a detachable silver chain located on the belt line . Body is comfortable thanks to the elastic properties of the material and fastened at the neck and kilkustopniowemu clasp on the back.
    Gloves is a sophisticated complement to the set ISABELLE . Made of black , elastic tulle combined with black , shiny wet look material type . Pugnacious character add necklaces in silver.

    Note ! Necklace studded with pictures is not included.

    Composition: 80 % polyester, 20 % spandex

    39.75 €

  • Julie body + gloves

    Erotic body Julie is a combination of high quality materials with a sophisticated design. The combination of delicate and transparent tulle at the neckline, with a black, shiny wet look material type. Adds the attractive front gold chain with intricate weave, and the back of the long, golden castle. The shape of the body and the elastic properties of the materials used mean that Julie body adapts perfectly to the body and emphasizes the qualities of the figure.
    Gloves is a sophisticated addition to the set. Like Julie body made ​​of black wet look material types. Framed by gold ribbon, so that gloves with the body are consistent style and elegant proposal.
    Overlays breasts are not included.
    Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    37.25 €

  • Nadine body + gloves

    Predatory body Nadine characterized by challenging and extremely refined erotica. This combination of unusual and sophisticated design with a black, glossy type material wet look that perfectly fits that of fashion. Body underlines the fantastic silhouette emphasizing qualities of the body. Silver, metal details, black, shiny material, unusual garter straps and thong panties, give it a predatory and unique character. Body Nadine has a multi-stage closure in the back and adjustable straps and straps for attaching stockings.
    Gloves is a sophisticated complement to a set of Nadine. Made of black, elastic tulle combined with black, shiny wet look material type. Pugnacious character add necklaces in silver.
    Stockings and necklace from the photo are not included.
    Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

    37.25 €

  • Valerie black corset

    Strapless Corset made ​​of elastic tulle and lace. Lacing at the front and vertical cutting wysmuklają silhouette. On the back clasp hooks. At the bottom flounce, which emphasizes the roundness of the hips. Corset has adjustable garter straps.
    Erotic set of lines. Includes corset and thong.
    Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

    36.25 €

  • Valeria black corset black

    Corset made ​​of lace and elastic tulle. Front is decorated with two teardrop connected by three jets in the shape of circles. Vertical cuts emphasize the feminine silhouette and visually it wysmuklają. Corset has adjustable straps and fastening garter. Open crotch thong.Erotic set of lines. Includes corset and thong.Composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex.

    39.75 €

  • Silvia white body

    Body made ​​of patterned, elastic lace. The cut dress emphasizes the feminine silhouette, visually slims the waist. On the back of the decorative bow, which gently descends to the buttocks beautifully highlighting them. Body is laced at the neck, so that fits perfectly on any size bust. Erotic set of lines. Composition: 97% polyester, 3% spandex.

    30.00 €

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